Stainless steel cooking equipment at a restaurant in Chicago, IllinoisStarting a new restaurant is an expensive and daunting challenge. You've done your business planning, picked a location, set a menu, and decided on your operating hours...but what’s next? The next step is to design the interior of your restaurant and determine what should go in the kitchen. For the furniture and décor, you’ll want to set a budget and ensure that it provides an ambiance that is comfortable and cohesive with your customers. As for the kitchen, it’s important to pick the right equipment based on your restaurant’s needs, which could either be purchased new or used. Since buying brand-new equipment can result in huge up-front costs, it’s often best to purchase used equipment for the kitchen. In this post, we’ll answer a few questions that will help you purchase used restaurant equipment in Chicago:

Under the counter refrigerator at a restaurant in Wheaton, IllinoisOne of the most important steps in starting a new restaurant is purchasing the right kind of commercial kitchen equipment. Although different restaurants require different types of commercial kitchen equipment, having an effective and efficient refrigeration system is essential for almost any kitchen to run smoothly. In this post, we’re going to discuss the different types of refrigeration systems that are available for your bar or restaurant in Wheaton, Illinois:

Loading glass into a dishwasher in a restaurant in Westmont, IllinoisIf you have an established restaurant, you know what a busy night looks like — customers getting seated, orders coming in, and dishes moving fast through the rotating kitchen doors. A commercial dishwasher is an essential appliance to keep dishes and utensils sparkling clean, and to reduce manual labor for the kitchen staff. Not only can an unclean dish cost you your customers, but not sanitizing the dishes properly can even lead to your restaurant being shut down by the health department. Whether you're planning to buy a new or used dishwasher for your restaurant in Westmont, you'll want to start by doing your research.

Used kitchen equipment in a restaurant in Palatine, IllinoisAre you thinking about getting into the restaurant business? Do you already own or manage a restaurant? If so, then you might be aware that one of the most important aspect of the business is setting up the kitchen with the right equipment. In addition, buying used kitchen equipment can also save a lot of the upfront costs involved in starting a restaurant. However, when buying used, you’ll want to ensure the equipment you buy is durable and reliable so that you don't end up with unforeseen repair costs. In this post, we'll discuss some useful tips about buying used restaurant equipment in Palatine:

used-restaurant-kitchen-equipment-napervillePurchasing used kitchen equipment is a great way for restaurants to lower their initial start-up costs, and it’s also a great way to minimize expenses if you’re looking to replace existing equipment. However, this does not imply that you should purchase any type of used equipment. Before making a purchase, you’ll want to verify the condition of the equipment, and check for factors such as the size and energy efficiency. Taking this into account will help you get the best ROI on your purchase. Here are some guidelines that can be followed while purchasing used kitchen equipment in Naperville:

deep-fryer-restaurant-kitchen-bolingbrookAs a restaurant owner, you know that fried food can make up some of the most popular dishes on a restaurant’s menu. However, frying food can often be a messy and tricky job that requires the oil to be set at a specific temperature, and ensuring the food fries without any spills, splatters, and burns. In this post, we’re going to discuss everything you’ll want to consider when choosing a deep fryer for your Bolingbrook restaurant:

used-restaurant-equipment-jolietOpening a restaurant requires a considerable upfront investment. Even if you have the capital for the space, the furniture, and the hiring of staff, buying used restaurant equipment can help save a lot of startup money required to get the business up and running. Additionally, buying used restaurant equipment is better than leasing new equipment for tax benefits, as well as to avoid continuous long-term payments. To purchase the right used restaurant equipment in Joliet, you’ll want to do a little bit of searching and comparison shopping to find the equipment you need in the right condition, and at the right price. In this post, we’ll share some of the places where you can find used restaurant equipment that meets your needs:

used-restaurant-freezer-oak-lawnFreezers are important for any restaurant to store perishable food for a short or long duration of time. Since freezers can be a costly appliance requiring a major upfront investment, it is sometimes best to buy a used freezer to save on the upfront costs of setting up your restaurant. But before you begin, it is best to do your research so that you can find and select a freezer that best suits the demands of your Oak Lawn restaurant. In this post, we’re going to discuss some of the things that you should keep in mind before choosing a used freezer for your Oak Lawn restaurant:

restaurant-food-processor-chicagoA food processor is a highly versatile and valuable appliance for your restaurant, and it can perform multiple functions for any commercial kitchen. A single food processor, with the right choice of attachments, can knead dough, grind meat, and puree soup, among other things. Its ability to handle multiple time-consuming tasks increases both efficiency and productivity in the kitchen, making it an essential investment for your restaurant. Food processors come in various different sizes and configurations to meet the requirements of a compact kitchen or a massive commercial kitchen. Below, we’ve listed some of the different types of used food processors available in Chicago that you can consider for your restaurant:

used-restaurant-range-napervilleStarting a restaurant can be a tough task. A critical part of your restaurant is the kitchen, where you’ll need to have the right equipment in place to serve customers on time, and to their satisfaction. Restaurant start-ups generally prefer to invest in used restaurant equipment to save on some of the upfront costs involved in starting the business. However, the equipment that is purchased should be tested to ensure that it is operating as per the manufacturer specifications. Also, the used restaurant equipment should operate efficiently and economically without consuming excess energy. One major piece of equipment most restaurants will need to invest in is the kitchen range. In this post, we’ll discuss the two main types of used kitchen ranges available for your commercial kitchen in Naperville: