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U.E.Q. only purchases equipment that is still usable and can be refurbished by our technicians. An Assistant Buyer will inspect the equipment and photograph it. It is then reviewed and a bid is submitted to the seller if the equipment meets our quality standards.


Sellers may bring the equipment we have bid on to our warehouse or we can schedule a pick-up by one of our trucks.


Our cleaning technicians use a systematic approach to disassemble and clean every part of all purchased equipment. We use special cleaning agents that remove grease, dirt, or paint when necessary. We also have a soak tank which has a heated solution to clean burner tubes and penetrate unreachable areas.


Our paint technicians prep and mask all areas before painting with the appropriate finish. We have an isolated painting area with a ventilation system to keep other preparation environments dust free. We are equipped to apply several different colors and textures to deliver a durable factory style finish.

Gas Technician

Our gas technicians go through the entire system repairing or replacing pilots, safety valves, thermostats, and burners. They then test and calibrate equipment before sending to our showroom.

Refrigeration Technician

Our certified refrigeration technicians check all the components including the compressor, thermostat, gaskets, and door closures. They also check the system for leaks and re-coat the shelves when necessary.


After purchasing equipment our trained professionals will deliver, set, and place your items to your specifications.


All of our refurbished equipment along with our new product lines is on display in our 30,000 sq. ft. showroom for your inspection. Most pieces are ready for immediate pick up or can be scheduled for delivery by one of our trucks. Our equipment is also available to be shipped FOB from Addison, Illinois, 60101.


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