How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Purchasing Restaurant Equipment: Insights from a Kitchen Equipment Supplier in Lisle, Illinois

May 24th, 2024

Starting a new restaurant in Lisle, Illinois is both a rewarding and challenging experience. One of the biggest challenges you will face early on is choosing the right equipment for your kitchen space. Restaurant equipment is usually a significant investment, and there are multiple factors you’ll want to consider to make sure you end up with the right setup.

Below, this kitchen equipment supplier in Lisle, Illinois is going to highlight four of the most common mistakes you’ll want to avoid when buying kitchen equipment for your restaurant.

Mistake 1. Not measuring your kitchen space correctly

Before purchasing any kitchen equipment, it’s important to carefully measure your kitchen area. This might seem simple, but if done wrong, it can cause significant problems later. For example, you might buy the perfect oven but then learn that it is too big to fit through your kitchen door. Or you might not leave enough room around your refrigerator to ensure proper airflow, which is necessary for its performance and longevity.

You can start by measuring all parts of your kitchen where the equipment will go. This includes the doorways, the exact spots where each piece of equipment will stand, and extra space needed for ventilation. Write down these measurements and bring them along when you visit a kitchen equipment supplier in Lisle, Illinois. This will ensure that everything you buy will fit perfectly in your kitchen and work as intended.

Mistake 2. Ignore the benefits of energy-efficient equipment

Many restaurant owners try to save money by choosing cheaper, less efficient appliances. This seems like a good idea because it cuts your costs, but it can cost more money over time. Energy-efficient appliances might initially cost more than their counterparts, but they can lower your energy bills and save you money each year.

In addition to helping you achieve cost savings, investing in energy-efficient kitchen equipment from a trusted supplier in Lisle, Illinois can also benefit the environment. This helps you align your restaurant business with the highest possible environmental standards.

Mistake 3. Not checking warranty details

Not paying attention to warranty details is another common mistake. Commercial kitchen equipment is used extensively and can undergo extreme wear and aging, needing routine maintenance and occasional repairs. A warranty helps cover the costs of these repairs, so you don’t have to pay from your pocket. Therefore, you must know what the warranty includes.

When checking your warranty details, you’ll want to check whether the warranty covers parts and labor and includes regular maintenance checks. A good warranty can save you money and hassle in the future. 

Mistake 4. Not inspecting equipment on delivery

You should always inspect your kitchen equipment when it arrives since it can be damaged during transit. If you sign off on a delivery without checking and later find any damage, you might have to pay for the repairs yourself.

When your equipment arrives at your restaurant, inspect each item carefully. If you find any damage, do not sign off on delivery. Instead, you should get in touch with your kitchen equipment supplier in Lisle, Illinois and arrange for a return or exchange immediately. With these checks, you ensure your restaurant operates smoothly and efficiently from day one.

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