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used-restaurant-appliances-chicagoIf you are opening a new restaurant, you’ll likely have to make a lot of purchases, both outside and inside the kitchen. Some examples of outside-the-kitchen expenses include tables, chairs and other accessories that will set the ambiance of the restaurant. Inside-the-kitchen expenses primarily include all of the kitchen's equipment, which will be used to prepare the food. One piece of equipment that a good kitchen can't do without is the oven. In some cases, the oven needs to be purchased by the owner, along with input from the chef, so that it fulfills the requirements of the kitchen. Factors to consider include the type of oven, space restrictions, and the delivery capacity of the restaurant. Based on the cuisine style and baking requirements of the restaurant, you’ll want to select the oven that best meets your needs. Listed below are different types of ovens that you can choose from for your Chicago restaurant:

restaurant-pizza-ovenLooking to choose the right pizza oven for your pizzeria in Schaumburg, Illinois? If so, you have lots of options to consider. Whether you own a local, family-owned business, or a large commercial operation, some things to consider include volume, fuel source, pizza type, and food service space available in your establishment. In spite of the fact that a brick oven is recommended for cooking an authentic, crispy Italian pizza, there are a few other pizza ovens that can provide a good alternative for commercial use in Schaumburg.