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How to Choose a Used Restaurant Range for Your Restaurant in Naperville

January 8th, 2020

used-restaurant-range-napervilleStarting a restaurant can be a tough task. A critical part of your restaurant is the kitchen, where you’ll need to have the right equipment in place to serve customers on time, and to their satisfaction.

Restaurant start-ups generally prefer to invest in used restaurant equipment to save on some of the upfront costs involved in starting the business. However, the equipment that is purchased should be tested to ensure that it is operating as per the manufacturer specifications. Also, the used restaurant equipment should operate efficiently and economically without consuming excess energy.

One major piece of equipment most restaurants will need to invest in is the kitchen range. In this post, we’ll discuss the two main types of used kitchen ranges available for your commercial kitchen in Naperville:

Gas Range

A gas range provides the advantage of being able to change from a high to low heat setting by simply turning a knob. On the other hand, an electric range will heat up very slowly. So, if you need to heat up a pot of soup instantly, an electric range will take far longer to achieve the same desired temperature.

One downside of an electric range is that it’s harder to accurately control the heat as compared to a gas range. Once heated, it tends to maintain that high temperature, even if the knob is turned down. On the other hand, a gas range can maintain a steady temperature. So, for example, if you are cooking a stew that needs to be first cooked at a higher temperature and then simmered at a lower temperature, a gas range would be the ideal choice for the job.

Another advantage of a gas range is that the chef and staff are not left handicapped in case of a power outage. Although there are several kitchen appliances that require electricity to operate, it would be beneficial to have a gas range that can remain functional throughout an outage.

Electric Range

Electric ranges make use of a coil that is placed beneath the cooking surface. When electricity is passed through this coil, it gets hot and cooks the food placed on top of the range. An electric range cooks the food evenly as compared to a gas range.

Additionally, since electric ranges do not require a separate ignition, they come in elegant and smooth designs. This also makes it easy to clean as compared to a gas range.

Induction ranges also fall under the category of electric ranges. The difference here is that an induction range uses a magnetic coil beneath a ceramic glass top and requires special magnetic cookware to cook food.

In recent times, regulations have dictated more of an inclination towards the usage of electric ranges. The primary reason is safety, as an electric range can avoid the possibility of a gas leak or fire in the restaurant. Additionally, electricity is often preferred since it is a more efficient form of energy.

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