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Things to Consider Before Buying Pre-Owned Restaurant Equipment: Tips from a Used Restaurant Equipment Supplier in Decatur, Illinois

May 9th, 2022

Used restaurant equipment supplier in Decatur IllinoisWhen opening a new restaurant in Decatur, one of the main costs you’ll have to plan for is the foodservice equipment. Even with financing options, your budget can disappear quite fast in the restaurant industry. Because most restauranteurs start out working with a tight budget, they often look for creative ways to save money.

When the budget is limited, many restaurateurs prefer purchasing pre-owned and refurbished equipment. But before you go out and shop for used restaurant equipment, there are a few things that you — as the restaurant owner — should keep in mind. This used restaurant equipment supplier in Decatur, Illinois is going to discuss some of the things you should consider below.

  • There is no denying that buying pre-owned and refurbished equipment will save you money upfront. Used restaurant equipment can be a great money saver, and if you look for quality used equipment that suits your needs and find it, it is a win win.
  • You can save money without sacrificing quality by purchasing from a used restaurant equipment supplier in Decatur, Illinois. Most used equipment is no older than one or two years. Used equipment can have very little total mileage — comparable to that of a used car — depending on how the equipment was used and the type of equipment being bought.
  • It is wise to purchase from a reputable used restaurant equipment supplier in Decatur, Illinois. If you were to buy your equipment from a regular Joe down the block, for example, there is a good chance that Joe would forget to mention a few things about his used equipment. Suppliers are often transparent about the quality of the used equipment they offer. They strive only to sell quality equipment to maintain a positive reputation among other consumers.
  • It is an acceptable practice to buy some pre-owned pieces of restaurant equipment. Parts for gas ranges and ovens can be swapped out quickly and easily. Gas models are always the better option when buying used restaurant equipment. Because it takes electric models somewhat longer to heat up, they are not as well suited for use in restaurants. However, this is not always the case with every piece of restaurant equipment. When buying ice cream makers, refrigerated merchandisers, and even hot food display cases, you can go for electric models.
  • You can buy used restaurant smallware — such as salt and pepper shakers and mills, and centerpiece stands — typically you can find a style that suits your restaurant.

Purchasing from a used restaurant equipment supplier in Decatur, Illinois is an excellent option. Once you determine what you need to buy, bring a list of questions. Ask about the age of equipment, energy efficiency, how it was used, any issues with the equipment, etc. Newer models are more energy efficient. When a piece of equipment is used over a long period, its efficiency in terms of energy consumption decreases. If the parts of a used piece of equipment are not properly maintained, the equipment will run at a lower efficiency level. Your equipment supplier in Decatur, Illinois can help you find the equipment that is right for your business.

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