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How to Buy Bakeware: Insights from a Used Restaurant Equipment Company in Schaumburg, Illinois

June 24th, 2021

Used restaurant equipment company in Schaumburg, IllinoisWhile setting up a new restaurant, there are several different types of equipment that you’ll need to invest in for your kitchen. One purchase that often goes hand in hand while purchasing a commercial oven is the bakeware that you’ll need to cook the food.

Selecting the right bakeware is sometimes as important as following the recipe to get the results you’re looking for.

In this post, we’re going to discuss the different types of bakeware that you can purchase for your restaurant kitchen in Schaumburg, Illinois.


Baking dishes are manufactured in a variety of different materials. Here is a concise list of the popular types of bakeware that’s available for your restaurant in Schaumburg, Illinois:


The advantage of glass is that it conducts heat very well. However, glassware is better suited for savory dishes because it is easier to overbake or burn desserts in glass bakeware. Glass pans are available in dark glass as well as light glass. Also, it’s important to note that dark glass heats up significantly on the outside of the bakeware, which means they require a lower temperature to cook the food.


Metal baking dishes are often preferred because they are easy to clean, versatile, and are great for baking things like muffins and bread. They are available in aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and cast iron. As a thumb rule, the lighter the metal, the more evenly the food will cook. Aluminum can conduct heat better than steel. Copper is a high-quality material, but it’s also expensive. Cast iron bakeware is more affordable, and it does not react with food being baked.


Silicone bakeware is durable, but it’s a poor conductor of heat, which means you can expect longer bake times. Additionally, it offers very little browning on the outside. Nevertheless, it’s a great non-stick dish that’s ideal for muffins and cupcakes.


Ceramic is great for baking food evenly. It tends to get seasoned over time and shares similar properties to glass.


It’s important to check the size of your bakeware before purchasing it for your Schaumburg restaurant. You’ll need to know the size of the inside of the oven to make sure that that the bakeware will fit. It is also important to know how much room you need to have above and below the pan. Pan heights vary, and you can find pans with heights ranging from 1.5 inches to over 3 inches.


It is important to test the thickness of the pan by holding it in your hands. If it feels thin and flimsy, it’s probably not a great choice. This is because these types of pans tend to warp after several uses, and they may cause baked goods to burn easily. Additionally, thinner pans do not heat the food evenly, which is the primary requirement for most baking recipes. Therefore, it is best to invest in sturdy bakeware that will serve you better and for a longer time.


Different pan shapes are available based on the types of breads or desserts you wish to make. Some of the most common shapes include:

  • The circle (round cake pan)
  • Square baking pans
  • Rectangular pans
  • The Bundt cake pan
  • The loaf tin
  • The muffin tin
  • The tart tin

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