A Checklist for Purchasing New or Used Restaurant Equipment in Lemont, Illinois

January 24th, 2021

Used restaurant equipment at a commercial kitchen in Lemont, IllinoisPurchasing restaurant equipment is one of the most important tasks when opening a new restaurant. You’ll want to ensure that you are purchasing a high-quality piece of equipment that is efficient for your restaurant’s needs. This will ensure optimal performance and sufficient output to meet your kitchen’s demands.

In this post, we’re going to offer a checklist that you can run through before purchasing new or used equipment for your restaurant in Lemont, Illinois.

Restaurant Requirements

It’s important to list all the requirements of the restaurant and estimate their individual costs before actually purchasing any pieces of equipment. You’ll want to consider your restaurant’s theme, concept, and the cuisine the restaurant will be offering while putting together the equipment list. It is sometimes helpful to work backward by first determining the menu of the restaurant, and then deciding on the kitchen equipment that would be needed to prepare it.

Space Requirements

You should always keep the space requirements in mind before purchasing any kitchen equipment. Carefully plan out the floor arrangement, the positions of electrical sockets and drainage areas, and then purchase the equipment accordingly. If not done right, you might end up with a cluttered kitchen that hinders the flow of daily movement and operation.


Timely maintenance is essential for the kitchen equipment to work efficiently, and it also ensures the longevity of the equipment. Before purchasing any restaurant equipment, it’s important to learn about its maintenance needs. Ask the dealer how often the equipment should be serviced, and how that maintenance should be carried out. After purchase, we recommend creating a cleaning and maintenance schedule, for every piece of equipment in the kitchen.


Ease of use is an important feature that should be considered before purchasing any kitchen equipment. The restaurant staff will be operating it, so it’s wise to make sure they can operate it easily. If the operation is too complicated, you might want to look for a more user-friendly option.

Energy Efficiency

The cost of running a piece of equipment, in terms of electricity consumption, is a recurring expense every month. Therefore, you’ll want to choose equipment that is energy efficient to help control your costs.


Safety is important for the well-being of your customers and your staff. To avoid any mishaps (such as a fire or gas leak), you should ensure that the restaurant equipment is safety compliant.

Return on Investment

When purchasing commercial cooking equipment, it is possible to get carried away. This is where pre-planning comes into play. We recommend that you create a budget for the kitchen equipment, analyze your actual requirements, and consider purchasing used restaurant equipment for your initial set up. This will help you manage upfront costs and help you get a better ROI.


It’s sometimes helpful to see the equipment in action before deciding to purchase it. If you are buying a new piece of equipment, you may want to ask the dealer if they’re willing to give you a demo. Similarly, if you are buying used restaurant equipment, you may want to take your staff or main chef with you to get their opinion.

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