Tips from a Hoffman Estates Used Restaurant Equipment Company: Essential Safety Equipment for Your Restaurant

December 24th, 2019

restaurant-chef-kitchen-equipment-hoffman-estatesIf you’re planning to open a restaurant, a vital factor that should be addressed is the safety of the chef, cooks, and all other kitchen staff.

Although the kitchen is one of the most thrilling places in the restaurant where the menu comes to life, it can also be a dangerous environment if the necessary safety equipment is absent, or if proper safety procedures are not followed.

In this post, we will discuss the essential safety items that a restaurant in Hoffman Estates should have to maintain a safe environment:

1. First Aid Kit

As a primary safety measure, every restaurant kitchen should have a first aid kit. The size of the kit should be based on the size of the workplace, and it should contain a selection of items for specific injuries that could occur in the kitchen, such as scalds, burns, cuts, sprains, etc.

2. Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are a must for every restaurant. For commercial restaurants, Class K extinguishers are recommended. These fire extinguishers contain a combination of potassium citrate and potassium acetate, which is highly effective in combating fires caused by cooking oils.

3. Slip-resistant Mats

Slip-resistant mats are great for high traffic areas or kitchen floors where there is a greater risk of slipping and falling. These mats are generally made out of rubber to provide a better foot grip. Additionally, they are also designed to give a comfortable walking surface that protects the feet, knees, and joints from strain and other injuries.

4. Anti-slip Shoes

Serious injuries could result from falling or slipping in the kitchen. This could be due to a spill or a slippery floor caused by humidity or condensation of vapor. Wearing anti-slip shoes or similar safety footwear helps provide employees with a better grip, preventing mishaps such as a bad slip or a fall.

5. Oven Mitts

Oven mitts are a must for any restaurant to prevent burns. They are primarily used for handling hot plates, dealing with hot food, and placing and removing sizzling items from hot ovens.

6. Freezer Gloves

Often times, restaurants have walk-in refrigeration storage units and deep freezers, and the cooks will spend a considerable amount of time handling frozen ingredients. In order to avoid frostbite of the hands, freezer gloves can be used to give the necessary insulation, as well as provide a strong grip for operating food storage items at sub-zero temperatures.

7. Dishwashing Gloves

Dishwashing gloves help in protecting the skin from hot scalding water, as well as from the chemicals present in soaps and sanitizers

8. Cut-resistant Gloves

Cut-resistant gloves are worn during slicing and cutting (or any scenario where the kitchen staff is dealing with sharp knives). Since these gloves are made with a strong material, they prevent the skin from accidentally being cut.

9. Wet Floor Signs

Wet floor signs are important for both the staff as well as the customers. When placed after the floor is mopped or after a spill, it can alert people to avoid the area or take extra caution when walking through the area.

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