Eight Benefits of Buying Used Restaurant Equipment: Insights from a Glen Ellyn Used Restaurant Equipment Company

March 9th, 2021

Used restaurant kitchen equipment in Glen Ellyn, IllinoisEstablishing a new restaurant in Glen Ellyn involves a lot of upfront cost. Some of the main expenses include the cost of the property, food and equipment, and payroll for your team of managers, chefs, and servers.

These costs can add up quickly. However, the cost of equipment can be easily reduced by purchasing used restaurant equipment. In this post, we’re going to discuss the many benefits of buying used restaurant equipment for your restaurant in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Cost Savings

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing used restaurant equipment is, no doubt, the cost savings. You can find great deals on heavy and expensive equipment — such as refrigeration units, ranges, ovens, and stoves — when you purchase them used. Another advantage of purchasing used equipment is that the prices are not always set in stone, and you can sometimes get a bargain when purchasing from a dealer or a restaurant owner.

Also, used restaurant equipment may qualify for a tax deduction, helping you save money on the current tax year. Plus, the money you save can be used in other areas of the business or perhaps even to add on a unique piece of equipment that you may not have otherwise been able to afford.

Less Depreciation

Buying new restaurant equipment is somewhat similar to purchasing a new car. A car begins depreciating the moment it is driven off the lot.      The same can be said about commercial kitchen equipment. Because used equipment has already lost its initial depreciation cost, you will get a much better deal overall as opposed to buying brand new.

Better Quality

According to statistics, 60% of new restaurants fail during the first year, and nearly 80% of them do not make it past the 5-year mark. Due to this, there is a lot of used restaurant equipment available in the market that is still in excellent working condition.

Good Working Condition

In many cases, big-time restaurant owners are constantly upgrading to new equipment. Any reputable restaurant owner will not sell you something that is malfunctioning or not in good condition. If you are a cautious buyer, you can always ask the owner for a demo to make sure the equipment is in good condition before you buy it.

Ease of Purchase

In many cases, buying used restaurant equipment is much easier than purchasing a new model that has just come out. You can read online reviews, reach out to a seller, or make an offer online.

Ability to Afford More

There is a dual benefit of buying used restaurant equipment. Not only will it help you save money, but you will be able to afford more equipment. Since you will have more room in your budget, you can re-invest it in the restaurant in other areas — such as supplies, food, and better pay for the employees.


With proper research, you may be able to find secondhand restaurant equipment that has been used only for a couple of years and still has a valid manufacturer’s warranty. A restaurant auction is a good place to start looking for this type of equipment.

Are You Looking for Used Restaurant Equipment in Glen Ellyn, Illinois?

If you’re on the lookout for any restaurant equipment such as dishwashers, ranges, refrigerators, ovens, mixers, slicers, countertops, sinks, etc., and if you need it in Glen Ellyn, then March Quality is the company to call.

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