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A Guide to Buying Used Restaurant Equipment in Chicago: Tips from a Chicago Used Restaurant Equipment Company

July 24th, 2019

used-restaurant-equipment-kitchenStarting a new restaurant can be a challenging and expensive endeavor. Once you have your restaurant location selected in Chicago, and have completed the paperwork and other business formalities, the next and most important thing is to get the kitchen up and running. In order to achieve this feat, you need to gather all the necessary kitchen equipment.

To save costs upfront, a good idea would be to look for used restaurant equipment. Here are some of the places from where you can buy used restaurant equipment in Chicago:


Often times, restaurants who go out of business turn over their restaurant equipment to auction houses to sell the equipment for them. Auction houses who sell the equipment also perform a detailed evaluation before they sell it. This ensures that the equipment you are buying will be in good condition. This helps guarantee that you end up with a quality piece of equipment.

Resale Stores

If you are not looking for absolute state-of-the-art equipment, resale stores are a good place to check for restaurant equipment as well. They are usually non-profit sellers who sell equipment that’s donated by larger hotels, retailers, and restaurants.

Out of Business Sales

There’s a good chance that a few newly-opened restaurants within your area have gone out of business. This could mean that the restaurant owners are looking to get some of their money back by selling their restaurant equipment. Keep your eyes open to see if a local burger bar, coffee shop, or nearby restaurant is closing—this can help you find a great deal on virtually new equipment.

Discontinued/Damaged Equipment

There is nothing wrong with buying a damaged or discontinued product. In fact, you are technically buying new equipment while paying the price of used equipment. Many retailers receive a product that is dented and scratched and choose to sell it at a discounted price. Similarly, brand new products that are no longer manufactured by the company are often sold at discounted prices. Moreover, you even get the company warranty when purchasing this way.

Storage Unit/Locker Auctions

In some cases, a restaurant owner will keep restaurant equipment in a storage unit when they don’t need it. Unfortunately, when they stop paying rent, the locker company puts all the equipment up for auction. If you have liquid cash, you can often get a good deal on restaurant equipment from storage auctions.

Used Restaurant Supply Stores

There is bound to be a used restaurant supply store nearby if you are live close to a large city such as Chicago. A used restaurant supply store buys, sells, and trades used kitchen equipment.

As a restaurant owner, it is always beneficial to maintain a rapport with the staff working there. You can inform them about which kinds of equipment you are looking for, and they can call you when the right equipment becomes available. However, always ensure that you inspect the equipment you are buying—make sure it meets your needs and is up to the standard of quality required at your restaurant.

Looking for Used Restaurant Equipment in Chicago, Illinois?

If you’re on the lookout for any used restaurant equipment, and if you need it in Chicago, we here at March Quality are the people to see.

For over 30 years, March Quality has been providing a place for current businesses to sell equipment, and at the same time, has been offering a very viable and efficient secondary market for those entering the restaurant industry.

We buy used equipment and refurbish it until it’s like new, then sell it for a fraction of the price of new equipment.

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