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Why Purchase Used Restaurant Equipment? Insights from a Used Restaurant Equipment Supplier in Aurora, Illinois

January 9th, 2021

Used kitchen equipment at a restaurant in Aurora, IllinoisOpening a new restaurant requires large upfront capital. From renting the restaurant space, to purchasing restaurant décor, to buying kitchen equipment, all of these tasks require a significant monetary investment.

Kitchen equipment — such as refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and ranges — can be very expensive. To minimize upfront costs, many restaurant owners choose to invest in quality used restaurant equipment.

In this post, we’re going to discuss the benefits of using used restaurant equipment for your kitchen:

You Can Find a Great Deal

As you probably know, purchasing used restaurant equipment is much more affordable than purchasing new restaurant equipment. There is considerable leeway for bargaining, and therefore, the price of used restaurant equipment can come with quite a bit of variation. Often times, highly functional and efficient pieces can be bought at significant discounts.

Better Quality

Some restaurant owners might be hesitant to buy used restaurant equipment because they assume the quality might not be up par — or that the equipment is worn down due to heavy use. While this might be true for some equipment, it does not apply to all types of kitchen equipment. On the contrary, at March Quality, kitchen equipment that’s used for just a few months is refurbished and undergoes a rigorous quality assurance protocol before it is ready to be sold.

Affordable Prices

Purchasing used restaurant equipment is probably the best choice if you’re working on a tight budget. It makes your equipment purchase affordable, and it leaves you with a significant sum of money that can be used for other necessary business investments (leasing property, purchasing permits, marketing, staff salary, interior décor, hiring employees, and more).

Less Depreciation

When you purchase a new car, it loses value after your first drive. The same is applicable for restaurant equipment. Its value dips the moment it starts being used on the kitchen floor. Therefore, when you purchase used equipment, it will depreciate much less than a new piece of equipment. Since it has already lost its initial value when its original buyer purchased the equipment, you will be getting a much better deal on the equipment.

Tax Deduction

You might be surprised to learn that you are eligible for tax deductions when purchasing used restaurant equipment. Both new and used restaurant equipment purchases qualify for a full purchase price tax deduction for the current tax year.

Going Green

Used restaurant equipment that is not re-sold will be broken down — some of the pieces will be scrapped, and some will end up in a landfill. Purchasing used restaurant equipment is, in a way, a form of recycling. You are helping the environment, as well as saving money on equipment costs.


Used restaurant equipment is a legitimate market, and one of the best advantages of buying used is that some pieces of equipment may still be under warranty. We recommend checking for the manufacturer’s warranty before purchasing any used equipment, because in some cases, you may not have to pay for repair costs if it breaks down.

Are You Looking for Used Restaurant Equipment in Aurora, Illinois?

If you’re looking for any new or used restaurant equipment in Aurora, then March Quality New and Pre-Owned Foodservice Equipment is the place to visit.

For more than 30 years, we’ve been providing a place for current businesses to sell used restaurant equipment, while at the same time, offering an affordable secondary market for those who are opening a brand-new restaurant.

We purchase used restaurant equipment throughout the Aurora area and refurbish it until it’s like new, then sell it for a fraction of the price of new equipment. Contact us today to discuss your restaurant’s needs!

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