Tips for Saving Money When Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment: Insights from a New and Used Foodservice Equipment Supplier in Joliet, Illinois

February 9th, 2022

Used foodservice equipment supplier in Joliet IllinoisIf you are a restaurant owner, you know that the right commercial kitchen and cooking equipment can significantly improve the quality of the food you serve, as well as your kitchen’s efficiency. You also know that commercial kitchen equipment often comes with a hefty price tag. So, what should you do if you’re working with a limited budget?

Below, this foodservice equipment supplier in Joliet, Illinois is going to discuss some money-saving tips to keep in mind when buying commercial kitchen equipment.

  • Buy commercial grade: This one is non-negotiable. Working with residential kitchen equipment violates health codes. Additionally, the equipment in a residential kitchen is incapable of withstanding the longer operating hours and usage requirements of your Joliet restaurant.
  • Know when to buy new: As with any business, you should know when to invest in brand-new equipment for your Joliet restaurant. Bear in mind that some types of commercial kitchen and cooking equipment, such as deep fryers and ice machines, are more corrosive and susceptible to bacteria. Don’t roll the dice and know what you need to buy new.
  • Know when to buy used: Buying preowned and refurbished commercial kitchen equipment in Joliet is a viable option. For example, you can consider buying a pre-owned gas stove because gas stoves tend to age better than electric stoves.
  • Consider leasing or financing: If you are in the market for commercial kitchen and cooking equipment, you have other options besides purchasing. You can lease your equipment. Some foodservice equipment suppliers in Joliet, Illinois also offer equipment financing. Leasing may be a viable option if the commercial kitchen equipment you need ages quickly. This way, when your lease expires, you are not tied to the equipment.
  • Settle for less than perfect condition: If you buy pre-owned equipment for your restaurant, expect some pieces to have scuffs, scratches, or other minimal damage. These conditions have zero effect on the equipment’s performance, and you may save a lot of money as well.
  • Get only what you need: Do not let offers, discounts, and the latest food industry trends distract you from what you really need. Buy commercial kitchen equipment that is fit for your specific needs and geared toward increasing your productivity. Why buy something that will take up valuable storage space but never be used?
  • Check the warranties: You cannot afford to stop the food preparation process due to a malfunctioning piece of equipment. In the case of a commercial refrigerator or freezer, for example, a malfunction can result in the loss of hundreds of dollars’ worth of food. You should only purchase equipment from a reputable food service equipment supplier in Joliet, Illinois, and make sure the equipment you’re buying comes with a warranty.
  • Consider energy-efficient equipment: While more expensive initially, energy-efficient commercial kitchen equipment can save you big bucks in utility costs over time.
  • Plan: Planning for your commercial kitchen and cooking equipment purchase allows you to conduct thorough research on the most highly reviewed equipment, best suppliers, and, of course, the best prices.

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