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6 Pieces of Used Food Concession Equipment You Might Consider Buying

September 8th, 2018

carnival-concession-standIf you own a bar, a concession stand, an ice cream shop, a diner, or any other type of restaurant, you might very well have a need for food concession equipment. This equipment can be used to make everything from coffee, to ice cream, and much more.

Fortunately, food concession equipment can be bought used or pre-owned, allowing you to get your hands on it for downright reasonable prices.

Looking for used food concession equipment in Oak Lawn, Illinois? Curious as to what types of used food concession equipment are available? Here are 6 types you might consider buying.

1. Used Restaurant Coffee Brewers

Did you know that coffee is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world, behind only water in popularity? If your restaurant isn’t serving coffee, you are likely missing out on some profits.

That’s why every restaurant there is — regardless of whether it’s a cafe, a pizza place, a breakfast diner, or otherwise — should have a commercial coffee brewer.

Wondering how you can obtain such a brewer without paying outrageous prices? You can purchase it used. There are tons of used restaurant coffee brewers on the market, many of which perform just as well as their new counterparts.

2. Used Restaurant Display Cases

If you own an ice cream shop, a cafe, or any other type of restaurant that serves sweets, you could make good use of display cases. These cases are often used to present delicious foods next to cash registers, while keeping the foods hot or cold.

There are plenty of used display cases available, some of which are designed with built-in refrigerator components, and others which are designed with built-in warming components.

3. Used Restaurant Popcorn Makers

If you own a bar, a cafe, a movie theater, a pizza place, or a small concession truck, you might be able to make use of a popcorn maker. Popcorn makers can pop mass amounts of popcorn in just a short amount of time, allowing them to accommodate a great number of customers.

When properly cleaned and refurbished, used popcorn makers are generally just as good as new popcorn makers.

4. Used Restaurant Beverage Fountains

Regardless of what type of restaurant you plan on opening, you’re probably going to need a beverage fountain. Beverage fountains can be used to distribute large amounts of soda, tea, juice, water, and other liquids. They are pretty much vital to any commercial eatery.

There are plenty of used beverage fountains that can be purchased. When refurbished properly, they provide “new” functionality at a budget price.

5. Rotisserie Ovens

Rotisserie ovens are great for cooking everything from chicken, to pork, to lamb, to beef, and much more. If your restaurant serves a lot of meat, a rotisserie oven could be of great benefit to you.

Looking to obtain a rotisserie oven for a great price There are plenty of used models available for discounted prices.

6. Ice Cream/Icee Machines

Perhaps you’re thinking about opening a buffet? Maybe you’d like to make some upgrades to your cafe or pizza shop? Or maybe you’re thinking about opening up an ice cream parlor? In any case, you could make good use of a used ice cream or icee machine.

When properly refurbished, used ice cream and icee machines operate just as well as new models.

In Need of Used Restaurant Equipment in Oak Lawn, Illinois?

Are you in need of used restaurant equipment in Oak Lawn, Illinois? If so, we here at March Used Equipment have you covered. We sell all of the used restaurant equipment discussed above, and more.

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