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How to Choose a Used Commercial Oven; Tips from a Used Restaurant Equipment Company in Chicago

August 24th, 2019

used-restaurant-appliances-chicagoIf you are opening a new restaurant, you’ll likely have to make a lot of purchases, both outside and inside the kitchen.

Some examples of outside-the-kitchen expenses include tables, chairs and other accessories that will set the ambiance of the restaurant. Inside-the-kitchen expenses primarily include all of the kitchen’s equipment, which will be used to prepare the food.

One piece of equipment that a good kitchen can’t do without is the oven. In some cases, the oven needs to be purchased by the owner, along with input from the chef, so that it fulfills the requirements of the kitchen. Factors to consider include the type of oven, space restrictions, and the delivery capacity of the restaurant.

Based on the cuisine style and baking requirements of the restaurant, you’ll want to select the oven that best meets your needs. Listed below are different types of ovens that you can choose from for your Chicago restaurant:

Convection Ovens  in Chicago

A convection oven cooks food quickly since it circulates hot air evenly throughout the oven. The ovens are available in floor models or countertop models and require either electric or gas power to operate. They can cook anything that can be cooked in a standard radiant oven, with the added advantage of food being cooked quickly and at a lower temperature.

Accelerated Ovens in Chicago

Accelerated ovens, as the name suggests, are used when you want to cook food instantaneously in around a minute. Due to this, they are commonly used in fast food restaurants where frozen food needs to be cooked immediately, and in places where there is not enough space for a dedicated kitchen.

Steam Ovens in Chicago

Steam ovens operate by circulating steam throughout the oven to cook the food. It requires a connection to the water main to operate. It can cook a variety of foods like vegetables, rice, and fish without mixing their flavors.

Conveyor Ovens in Chicago

Conveyor ovens operate on a conveyor belt. It allows food to be loaded on one side and come out cooked on the other side. Conveyor ovens are often used where a large volume of food needs to be cooked effectively and quickly. By setting the temperature of the oven and the speed of the belt, the food can be delivered effectively at the other end. This type of oven is best used to cook sandwiches and pizzas quickly.

Combination Ovens

Combination ovens can be used as a steaming oven as well as a convection oven. They have the option to use dry or moist heat, which is how they can they prevent food from being dried out while cooking. They can also be set to a low temperature that can keep cooked food warm and fresh.

Deck Ovens in Chicago

Deck ovens have a bottom stone shelf known as the “deck”. They are ideal for baking things such as breads and pizzas. However, the drawback is that the stone shelf takes a while to pre-heat, and cold patches tend to develop between batches of food. Therefore, this oven is sometimes not suitable for a restaurant.

Rotisserie Ovens in Chicago

Rotisserie ovens are often used in restaurants that prepare large amounts of meat. The meat is placed on a rotating skewer or a basket that constantly turns the meat as it is cooked. This is done to ensure that the meat is cooked evenly on all sides. Other foods, such as vegetables, can also be cooked in this type of oven by adding a rotating basket.

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