5 Types of Used Cooking Equipment Which You Should Consider Buying Used

August 24th, 2018

kitchen-restaurant-countertopAre you thinking about opening a restaurant in Oak Lawn, Illinois? If so, you have a great number of responsibilities to which you must tend. One of the biggest responsibilities of starting a new restaurant is acquiring cooking equipment.

If you’re trying to start a restaurant on a bit of a budget, it might be a good idea to invest in used cooking equipment as opposed to new equipment. Used equipment is typically much more affordable than is new equipment, and it’s often just as reliable.

The question is: what types of used cooking equipment should you consider buying? Here are 5 types which we recommend.

1. Fryers

Whether you’re frying chicken, fish, dough, or otherwise, you’re going to need a fryer. In the commercial cooking realm, there are a number of different types of fryers available. This includes tube fryers, open pot fryers, and deep fryers.

Regardless of the type of fryer you’re looking for, you can buy it used. This will allow you to save a decent amount of money.

2. Heated Display Cases

Whether you’re looking to open a cafe, a pizza place, or a steakhouse, a heated display case can serve you well. Having such an appliance on hand will allow you to present foods to your customers without those foods losing any of their warmth or freshness.

As long as they’re properly refurbished, used heated display cases will work just as well as new heated display cases.

3. Heated Holding Drawers

A great way to store food that has already been cooked is by using heated holding drawers. These drawers encompass prepared foods with warmth, ensuring that they stay fresh throughout the day. Because these drawers can be pulled in and pulled out, they take up very little room, helping to reduce clutter in the kitchen.

When bought new, these drawers can be exceedingly expensive. When bought used, they can be downright affordable.

4. Ovens

Ovens are one of the more important appliances in any commercial kitchen. It’s almost impossible to run a restaurant without an oven. Fortunately, ovens can be bought used. This means that, if you’re buying on a bit of a budget, the acquisition of ovens does not have to swallow up your entire bank account.

There are a variety of ovens capable of thriving even after they’ve seen some wear and tear. These include conveyor ovens, pizza ovens, convection ovens, barbecue ovens, and rotisserie ovens, just to name a few. As long as they’ve been properly fixed up and refurbished, they should get the job done well for years to come.

5. Stoves

There are a number of different foods out there which cannot be cooked adequately unless they are subjected to the heat created by a stove. These foods include everything from soups, to pastas, to sauces, and more.

Does your restaurant serve dishes that require a stove? If so, you should really consider buying them used. In the vast majority of cases, used stoves will work just as well as new stoves — and they will do so at just a fraction of the price.

Buy Used Restaurant Equipment in Oak Lawn, Illinois

Are you interested in buying any of the cooking equipment reviewed above? Specifically looking for used restaurant equipment in Oak Lawn, Illinois? If so, we here at March Quality have you covered.

We buy, refurbish, and sell only the best in commercial cooking equipment. Whether you’re looking for an oven, a range, a fryer, a display case, a heated holding drawer, or something else, we can set you up.

Contact us today to discuss your equipment needs!

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