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Important Safety Procedures and Equipment Required for Restaurants; Tips from an Elgin Used Restaurant Equipment Company

December 9th, 2020

Fire extinguisher at a restaurant kitchen in Elgin, IllinoisA restaurant kitchen has tight spaces, flames, and sharp equipment. Each one of these factors can be a potential hazard to the safety of the kitchen staff. To keep your restaurant staff safe, it’s vital to be aware of these dangers.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the most important must-have safety equipment for restaurant kitchens, as well as some tips that will help prevent any mishaps in your Elgin restaurant:

Employee Training

It is important that each of your staff members follow proper safety procedures. For this, they will need to be adequately trained before they begin working. Therefore, investing adequate time in training your staff is the first step towards making your restaurant safe.

Safe Equipment Operation

After the employees are trained on safety procedures, they will need to be trained on how to properly operate the kitchen equipment. For this, the kitchen staff should be trained to operate all equipment as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Additionally, employees should be trained to keep electrical appliances away from wet areas, and to regularly check for any malfunctions.

Fire Safety Procedures

The kitchen staff should be trained on all fire safety procedures. First and foremost, they should know where the evacuation plan is posted, and they should be prepared to follow it in case of an emergency. The staff should also be aware of the location of power sources, and they should know how to switch them off in case of an emergency. Lastly, every member of the staff should be trained on how to use a fire extinguisher.

Safety Equipment for Your Restaurant

Here are some pieces of equipment that can be used to safeguard the kitchen staff from sudden or unnecessary injury:

Cut-resistant gloves

Cut-resistant gloves are made from strong material that protects the skin from accidentally being cut by sharp knives.

Freezer gloves

Freezer gloves are insulated to prevent the hands from frostbite, which can be caused due to prolonged exposure to sub-zero temperatures in freezers and walk-in refrigerators.

Oven mitts

Useful for handling hot plates, utensils, and removing items from the oven.


Aprons act as an additional clothing layer in case of hot oils spills, or grease spills.

First-aid kit

It is important to keep a first aid kit in the kitchen to immediately attend to injuries such as scalds, burns, sprains, or abrasions.

Other Safety Items for Your Restaurant

Wet floor signs

These are important to alert both the staff and customers about wet areas, which can help prevent any mishaps caused due to a slip and fall.

Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are a must for the safety of your commercial kitchen. They contain a mixture of potassium citrate and potassium acetate, and this blend is highly effective in putting out fires caused by cooking oils.

Slip-resistant mats

Slip-resistant mats are made of rubber, and they are ideal for areas of the kitchen that are prone to slips and falls. They also provide protection from strains, as they are comfortable on the feet, knees, and other joints.

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