How to Select a Used Restaurant Refrigerator in Wheaton, Illinois

May 8th, 2020

Under the counter refrigerator at a restaurant in Wheaton, IllinoisOne of the most important steps in starting a new restaurant is purchasing the right kind of commercial kitchen equipment. Although different restaurants require different types of commercial kitchen equipment, having an effective and efficient refrigeration system is essential for almost any kitchen to run smoothly.

In this post, we’re going to discuss the different types of refrigeration systems that are available for your bar or restaurant in Wheaton, Illinois:

1. Refrigeration Drawers

These refrigerators are designed to be installed directly into a cooking line. Also known as “fish drawers” or “under-counter refrigeration drawers”, they are ideal for storing poultry, seafood, and meat for sauté and grill stations.

2. Reach-in Coolers

Reach-in coolers are often used for back house food storage. A reach-in cooler is installed on ground level, and it usually has two or three doors. Generally, these coolers are kept away from the heat of the cooking line so that they can maintain a safe holding temperature at all times.

3. Walk-in Coolers

Walk-in coolers can vary in size as per the needs of the restaurant. They can be designed to be as large as a living room, or as small as a closet. They are ideal for holding large blocks of cheese, boxes of produce, containers of food, or any other perishable items.

4. Restaurant Freezers

Restaurant freezers, similar to walk-in coolers can also be walk-ins or reach-ins. They are a more traditional type of freezer in the sense that they’re simply used to store perishable items, at lower temperatures, for a longer period.

5. Over Counter Refrigerators

Over counter refrigerators have bent or level glass, and they make the displayed item look more appealing. They are often used at a café or a meat section in a grocery store.

6. Under Counter Refrigerators

Under counter refrigerators have the advantage of being able to fit in compact spaces. Functionality wise, they serve the same function as that of an upright reach-in unit. So, if your restaurant kitchen has space restrictions, an under-counter refrigerator might be an ideal choice.

7. Bakery Display

Mostly commonly used in cafes, a bakery or pastry display is used to showcase pastries and bakery products, and to keep them fresh. These displays are also designed with a sleek stainless steel or wooden finish glass cover to make the display look more appealing.

8. Refrigeration Prep Tables

These units are used in the cooking line or preparation area, and are mainly used for preparing pizzas, salads, and sandwiches. They aid in keeping different ingredients (such as dressings, toppings, and meat) cold and fresh.

9. Bar Refrigerators

Bar refrigerators are needed to store alcoholic beverages. Bar refrigerators are generally designed with a stainless steel or vinyl exterior to give the area a better look. Coolers that are low to the ground are known as “low ground”, and those up to waist level are known as “high boys”. Other bar refrigerators — such as back bar refrigerators, keg coolers, and plate chillers — are also available.

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