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Choosing the Right Commercial Range in Highland Park; Insights from a Highland Park Area Used Restaurant Equipment Dealer

November 24th, 2019

restaurant-stove-top-highland-parkA commercial range is one of the most heavy-duty pieces of equipment that is used in a restaurant’s kitchen. Being one of the primary places where food is cooked, it needs access to both gas and electricity.

A range is generally a combination of a top and a base component, and it is very versatile. They come in all shapes, sizes, and combinations to suit the requirements of the commercial kitchen. The top is what is generally considered as the stove, whereas the bottom component could be an oven, refrigerator, or a storage cupboard.

In this post, we are going to discuss the different types of commercial ranges available in Highland Park:

1. Gas or Electric

The choice between a gas and an electric range is a personal preference that can be made in consultation with the chef. Many chefs prefer the consistency that is offered by a gas range. This also helps in saving money, since gas tends to be cheaper.

On the other hand, using an electric range will eliminate any possibility of a gas leak, and is therefore considered safer. Ranges are also available with induction units that are more energy efficient.

2. Top Configurations

Commercial ranges come in a number of different combinations, as they are built to meet the specific needs of the restaurant’s kitchen. Some of the most common top configurations include:

Smooth Griddle

Griddles have flat and smooth surfaces that are best suited to cook breakfast items such as eggs and pancakes, or for flipping burgers. Due to their versatility, they are preferred in many commercial kitchens.

Open Burner

The gas burner is a long-time popular option that is preferred by many chefs. Due its versatility, an open burner can do much more than sauté, fry, or boil food.

French Top

A French top range has cast iron rings on the top where pots and pans can be placed directly on the flame. French tops are best suited to cook food for a long duration on slow heat, such as stocks for soups and gravies. However, compared to many other types of ranges, they require more maintenance and regular cleanings.


A char-broiler is a grill that can provide direct heat for cooking steak, fish, burgers, chicken, and more.

Induction Cooktops

Induction technology has still not gained a strong foothold in the commercial kitchen, but some manufacturers are incorporating it in their commercial ranges. Induction cooktops require induction-ready cookware in which the heat is generated by alternating magnetic fields.

3. Bottom Configurations

Standard commercial ranges also come with some of the following bottom configurations:

Oven Base

A range could be equipped with either a standard or a convection oven. Standard ovens have a stationary heat source, while convection ovens have a fan to circulate hot air.

Cabinet Base

Cabinet space can provide essential storage to keep pots, pans, and other supplies handy.

Refrigerator Base

A refrigerator base is sometimes preferable if you would like to keep fillets, burgers, and other toppings close at hand.

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