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How to Select a Slicer for Your Restaurant; Insights from a Used Restaurant Equipment Company in DeKalb

September 8th, 2020

Commercial food slicer at a restaurant in DeKalb, IllinoisA slicer is primarily used to make uniform slices of different types of food. However, the most commonly used slicers in restaurants today are for meat and cheese.

Slicers have evolved over the years, and there are many different types of slicers that are available with different specifications as per the needs of your restaurant.

In this post, we’re going to highlight the different types of commercial food slicers that are available to help you make the right choice for your restaurant in DeKalb, Illinois.

Meat Slicers

There are two primary types of meat slicers: manual meat slicers and electric meat slicers. Manual meat slicers will help you save on your restaurant’s electricity bills, but they require a member of the kitchen staff to slice the meat. Depending on the size and demands of your restaurant, this type of slicer could get the job done just fine. On the other hand, if your restaurant deals with larger food volumes, you might be better off opting for an electric meat slicer. Electric slicers are easy to use, they require less effort, and the kitchen staff can focus on other tasks while the meat is being sliced.

Cheese Shredders and Graters

If your restaurant serves several different dishes that require a lot of grated or shredded cheese, you may want to consider purchasing an electric cheese shredder to keep up with customer demand — especially during peak hours. However, if you serve only a few items that contain cheese, you might be better off purchasing a heavy-duty manual cheese slicer.

Bread Slicers

Commercial bread slicers are available as countertop or freestanding options. Countertop bread slicers occupy more space on the counter, and they should be considered only if you have a larger workspace. Freestanding bread slicers come with casters, and therefore, they can be placed anywhere on the kitchen floor. They are best suited in kitchens that have limited countertop space, or when the slicer usage is limited.

Produce Slicers

Slicers have many functions in a commercial kitchen space. Their primary benefit is that they are highly efficient, and they reduce the preparation time of many dishes. This has led to the creation of produce slicers — which include fruit and vegetable dicers, cutters, and wedgers — that can be selected based on the type of cut you need in your produce. Since every produce slicer has a unique style of cutting, you might need more than one type for your kitchen.

Candy Slicers

If you own a café, a bakery, or a chocolate shop, you will most likely be serving different types of pastries and mouth-watering treats. A high-quality commercial candy slicer will help to increase the efficiency of the preparation process, as they can be successfully used on dense candy products such as caramel, fudge, chocolate, brownies, ganache, and much more.

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