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Tips from a Chicago Used Restaurant Equipment Company: How to Choose a Used Food Processor for Your Restaurant in Chicago

January 24th, 2020

restaurant-food-processor-chicagoA food processor is a highly versatile and valuable appliance for your restaurant, and it can perform multiple functions for any commercial kitchen. A single food processor, with the right choice of attachments, can knead dough, grind meat, and puree soup, among other things. Its ability to handle multiple time-consuming tasks increases both efficiency and productivity in the kitchen, making it an essential investment for your restaurant.

Food processors come in various different sizes and configurations to meet the requirements of a compact kitchen or a massive commercial kitchen. Below, we’ve listed some of the different types of used food processors available in Chicago that you can consider for your restaurant:

Batch Bowl Food Processors

Batch bowl processors are designed to collect food as it is processed. They can generally hold about a quart of chopped food, although larger processors are also available if the restaurant is dealing in a larger volume. Smaller units are generally made of plastic; however, more sturdy models are also made of stainless steel to give additional durability and strength.

In a batch bowl processor, food is dropped vertically into a bowl where an “S” shaped blade housed on a central blade cuts the food to the desired shape and size. After the food has been cut, the bowl is detached to remove the processed food.

Continuous Food Processors

Continuous feed food processors, as the name suggests, allows the operator to add food to the processing unit while it is running. As the food processor operates, it dispenses food into a separate container. The continuous food processor, therefore, offers two benefits. First, there is no need to empty the bowl to keep the machine running. Second, it helps in reducing the time needed in preparing large quantities of food, thereby assisting in preparing multiple dishes quickly.

Buffalo Choppers

Buffalo choppers are specialized food processors that are heavy duty and sturdier than any other type of food processor. They have an all-metal design and are capable of chopping everything from small vegetables to tough meat. Moreover, their versatility can be increased by connecting add-ons, like specially designed slicers. This makes them highly multi-functional and suitable for all-purpose food processing needs.

Combination Processors

Combination processors offer the functionality of both a bowl and a continuous feed processor. This means the processor can be used to process a batch of food by using just the bowl, or an attachment can be added to collect food, making it work as a continuous food processor.

Food processors are available in entry-level, mid-tier, and premium grade models. Entry-level models are economical and are a good choice if they need to be operated for a couple of hours a day. Mid-tier models are more versatile and should be purchased if the machine usage is expected to be more frequent. Lastly, premium-grade processors have rugged exteriors, highly durable motors, and are built for frequent use.

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