What Type of Equipment Does Your Restaurant Need? Insights from a Restaurant Equipment Supplier in Chicago, Illinois

March 24th, 2022

Restaurant equipment suppliers in Chicago IllinoisDeciding what type of equipment to buy for your Chicago restaurant can be tricky — especially when you realize how many different options there are out there. While there are several ways to determine the type of kitchen equipment your restaurant needs to succeed, one of the best ways to narrow your options down is simply by looking at your menu. The types of dishes your restaurant serves will ultimately determine what type of restaurant equipment you will need, as well as how to set up your kitchen properly for maximum output.

Do you need help determining what your kitchen needs? To help give you an idea, this restaurant equipment supplier in Chicago, Illinois is going to provide a few examples of popular menu items and the type of equipment that is ideal for preparing them.

Steak and Chicken

Let’s say you want to open a Chicago restaurant that specializes in steak, chicken, fish, and other types of meats. In that case, you will most likely need a variety of equipment in your kitchen, including a high-quality grill, griddle, and charbroilers, as well as a commercial convection oven, range, and broiler ovens. A grill or charbroiler, for example, creates grill marks; a broiler uses direct heat to quickly cook, brown, char, or caramelize the food; and a convection oven cooks the meat evenly.

Depending on the cuts of meat, how they are prepared, and the size of your restaurant, you may need more than one of these appliances. It’s best to discuss your preferred cooking methods with your restaurant equipment supplier in Chicago, Illinois before purchasing any equipment.


If you want to open a deli or sandwich shop in Chicago, your restaurant equipment needs will be much different from a steakhouse. Some equipment you will likely need in your kitchen are a refrigerated prep table, convection oven, grill, conveyor toaster, commercial meat slicers, and a commercial microwave oven. The refrigerated prep table may be necessary for assembling certain types of sandwiches, whereas other equipment may be necessary for preparing hot toasted sandwiches.


A commercial gas range is essential if you want to open a restaurant in Chicago that serves soup. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may want to look for one that holds multiple commercial stock pots at once. Alternatively, you could go with multiple stock pot ranges and burners that fit on a countertop. Another item you must consider is a steam kettle, which heats the soup rapidly and uniformly. As always, a reputable restaurant equipment supplier in Chicago, Illinois can help you determine the best options for your situation.

Universal Equipment

There are certain appliances that every restaurant should have, no matter what’s on their menu. We are talking stainless steel sinks, ice machines, cold and frozen beverage dispensers, and refrigerators and freezers. You can find all of these (and more) at March Quality.

Note: When purchasing from a restaurant equipment supplier in Chicago, Illinois, make sure you check everything thoroughly both at the store and when it arrives at your restaurant. While all the restaurant equipment sold by March Quality is thoroughly inspected before it’s sold, it never hurts to double-check.

Looking for the Top-Rated Restaurant Equipment Supplier in Chicago, Illinois?

Are you looking to purchase equipment for your restaurant? Looking for the top-rated restaurant equipment supplier in Chicago, Illinois? If so, you’ve come to the right place — March Quality offers great deals on all the foodservice equipment your restaurant needs to thrive.

If you have any questions about the brands, makes, or models of any restaurant equipment we sell, please do not hesitate to contact us at (630) 627-3031.

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