Things to Consider When Buying a Steam Table: Insights from a Used Restaurant Equipment Supplier in Schaumburg, Illinois

September 24th, 2021

Steam table from a used restaurant equipment supplier in Schaumburg, IllinoisSteam tables, also known as “hot food tables”, are commonly used in the restaurant and catering industries. Steam tables are responsible not only for warming up food, but for holding the food at a consistent temperature that is suitable for serving. They offer a reliable way to maintain the temperature of entrees, sauces, and sides without compromising the quality of the food. You will often find steam tables at restaurant buffets, cafeterias, hotels, and catered events.

Below, this used foodservice equipment supplier in Schaumburg, Illinois is going to discuss the different types of steam tables, as well as their important features, to help you make the right purchase decision for your restaurant or catering business.

Electric Steam Tables vs. Gas Steam Tables

Both gas steam tables and electric steam tables have their own sets of benefits — each of them provides their own specific and unique set of solutions.

Electric steam tables are more energy-efficient, but they take slightly longer to heat up. They require specific voltage and phase options, and they also require a certified electrician to install them.

Gas steam tables are simpler in design, and therefore, they are generally more durable. Plus, they take less time to heat up. It is also important to note that a gas steam table can increase the temperature of the surrounding area more so than an electric steam table.

If you’re considering purchasing a steam table from a used restaurant equipment supplier in Schaumburg, you’ll want to consider the factors mentioned above — as well as the different prices — before making your decision.

Open Well Tables vs. Sealed Well Tables

Open and sealed well tables are two types of steam tables that are available for your restaurant. An open well table has an exposed heat source, whereas a sealed well table has a covered heat source.

Open well steam tables are considered more versatile because they can be used for both moist and dry heating. If your menu has fried or crispy foods, an open well table would most likely be a better choice. Open well tables require more labor to setup, but they are usually more cost-effective than sealed well table.

The sealed well table has its heating elements sealed underneath a permanently installed well, which gets filled up with water. They have built-in valves and drains that make it easy to clean. They are not as well-suited for dry foods, and they are more expensive than the open well tables. If you would like to learn more about the differences, your local used restaurant equipment supplier in Schaumburg would be happy to discuss.

Induction Steam Tables

Induction steam tables have recently been introduced to the market. These tables help save time during the setup phase, as they eliminate the need for water altogether. Induction steam tables have precise temperature controls to ensure that food is always at the right serving temperature. Moreover, they don’t get overly hot, which helps prevent accidental burns. One potential disadvantage is that these units can only be used with food pans that are specifically designed for induction steam tables.

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