Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Used Commercial Pizza Oven: Insights from a Used Restaurant Equipment Company in Michigan City

June 24th, 2020

Commercial pizza oven at a restaurant in Michigan CityWhether you are opening a restaurant that offers pizza as a main course, or you’re establishing your very own pizzeria, you are going to need to have a commercial pizza oven that meets the need of your customers.

There are many factors that you should consider before purchasing a pizza oven. Space, volume, fuel source, and pizza type are some of the things you’ll want to think about.

In this post, we’ll discuss the key things you should consider before purchasing a new or used pizza oven:

1. Fuel Source

Pizza ovens can run on gas or electricity as a fuel source. If your restaurant or pizzeria serves a large volume of customers, then it’s generally best to go with a gas oven.

A gas oven helps in cooking the pizza evenly, and it also delivers a crispier crust. However, if your establishment does not have a hookup available for liquid or natural gas, then you will have to settle for an electric model. An electric oven is an advantage for businesses that require flexibility, such as concession carts and food trucks.

2. Volume

If your restaurant has pizza on the menu but is not necessarily a pizzeria, then you could consider a commercial pizza convection oven. These ovens often have more than 2 racks per chamber, and they can generally fit a couple of 16” pizzas on each rack.

For a medium-sized production, you could go with a pizza deck oven. In the case of a pizza deck oven, the number of decks could range from one to six, wherein each deck could carry 4 to 6 pizzas at a time.

For a large production, you’ll likely need a conveyor oven. This type of oven has a continuous cooking platform that can cook pizzas as fast as the pizzas can be made.

3. Space

If your restaurant has space constraints, convection ovens may be the best choice. They need only about 15 to 60 cubic feet of space, and they’re even designed with more elevation to occupy less floor space.

Deck ovens are ideal for medium-size pizza making spaces. With these types of ovens, space consumption depends on the number of decks. As an example, a 4-deck oven could take up to 160 cubic feet of space.

If you have a large availability of space, it may be worth purchasing a conveyor oven. A triple stack conveyor oven could take up 330 cubic feet or more.

4. Cost

For many restaurant owners, the price tag is often the deciding factor for a purchase.

A pizza convection oven, for example, can range anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. However, these ovens are often the most affordable, and they also require the least amount of maintenance and upkeep.

Deck ovens also vary in price depending on their features. However, they are also a cost-effective choice due to their long lifespan and low maintenance requirements.

Conveyor ovens range from $5,000 to $30,000 depending on the brand, size, and features.

When choosing a pizza oven, it is best to talk to a used restaurant equipment provider who can help you decide on the features and type of oven you require based on your restaurant’s needs.

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