The Refurbishing Process for Used Restaurant Equipment: Insights from an Evergreen Park Used Restaurant Equipment Company

April 24th, 2021

Used kitchen equipment for a restaurant in Evergreen Park, IllinoisOpening a new restaurant in Evergreen Park comes with a lot of upfront costs — these include rent, setting up the restaurant, hiring the chefs and kitchen staff, and more. To offset the initial investment, many restaurant owners choose to purchase used restaurant equipment.

For some, the idea of buying used restaurant equipment causes discomfort and anxiety. This feeling of uncertainty is understandable. However, what many people don’t realize is that the equipment goes through a considerable amount of refurbishing before it is put up for sale again.

In this post, we’re going to explain the refurbishing process for used restaurant equipment in Evergreen Park, Illinois.


The process starts with an inspection. This is done to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition, and that it will offer some value to the next restaurant owner. Just because a piece of equipment is technically still operating, that doesn’t always mean it’s a quality product.

The inspection of the equipment is carried out at different levels. An inspector will take every aspect of the equipment into consideration before deciding whether or not it should be purchased. The exterior of the equipment is checked for cracks, dents, and other signs of physical damage. Similarly, the interior components are inspected as well. Every component of the equipment — the burners, thermostats, valves, compressors, and indicators — are thoroughly examined and tested to make sure they are functioning properly. If any malfunction is reported, the equipment will need to be repaired before it is resold.


After the inspection is completed, repairs are carried out on any damaged components that were identified. If there are any leaks, they will be sealed. If any broken components are not repairable, they will be replaced. The equipment will then be re-tested to make sure it is operating as it should.

While some pieces of equipment may not require any repairs, other pieces might need a number of repairs. In either case, the end result will be a piece of equipment that runs like new.


Cleaning is one of the most important steps in the refurbishing process. During cleaning, the equipment will be broken down into its individual components, and each part will be thoroughly scrubbed and degreased to look like new. Some parts will be soaked in heavy-duty cleaning agents to remove grime that may not be accessible by hand or by brush.


After the piece of equipment is cleaned, it is then repainted. Some equipment may require only a minor touch-up, whereas others may require an almost entirely new paint job. The repainting process covers all exterior surfaces and gives a brand-new appearance to the equipment.


After repairs have been made and the equipment has a new coat of paint, it is finally ready for resale. The equipment will be sold at a fraction of the price of new equipment, and it will function with the same efficiency.

Are You Looking for Used Restaurant Equipment in Evergreen Park, Illinois?

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