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Five Tips on Buying a Used Commercial Range; Tips from a Used Restaurant Equipment Dealer in Tinley Park, Illinois

October 8th, 2019

commercial-kitchen-range-tinley-park-restaurantIf you are planning to open up a restaurant, one of the best ways to cut down on upfront costs is to buy used restaurant equipment. One of the major pieces of equipment leading the list is the commercial range.

Here are five useful tips that will help you when purchasing a commercial range in TinleyPark:

1. Gas is Better

When it comes to commercial ranges, gas equipment is almost always preferred over electric for a few reasons. Firstly, gas-powered ranges are more affordable then electric. Secondly, a gas range has less complicated parts than an electric range, meaning there are fewer chances of the equipment giving you trouble due to any malfunction after you purchase it. Lastly, with gas, you can quickly adjust the heat output for a better cooking experience.

2. Configuration Choices

Commercial ranges come in different configurations and varying sizes. A large restaurant will likely need a heavier range compared to a small cafeteria that might only need a lighter range. Some of the different configurations available are:

  • Hot top/Solid top: Favors even heat distribution
  • Open gas burners: Consists of 4 to 6 rings and can be powered by LPG or natural gas
  • Electric hobs: They are an electric alternative to gas burners
  • Griddle top: Advantageous for restaurants where food can directly be griddled without the usage of any pots or pans
  • Induction hob: Heat is generated only in reaction to a pan with a magnetic field beneath the ceramic surface
  • Combination surface: Cooktops designed specifically for multiple cooking styles. This configuration offers a combination of burners and griddle top so that multiple cooking methods can be implemented simultaneously without the need to purchase separate commercial ranges.

3. Modern is Better

Older equipment might be more affordable due to lower prices, but newer models come with their own perks. Newer ranges can be obtained with a manufacturer’s warranty, and therefore, will be in a better condition and serve you longer. Moreover, in case there is a breakdown, it’s more likely that parts will be easily available in the market for newer equipment models, compared to its older counterparts.

4. Inspect the Unit

As a best practice for all used kitchen equipment, it is recommended that the equipment is thoroughly refurbished and tested before purchase. Prior testing may not always be an option, so in order to safeguard your purchase, ensure that you are buying from a reputable dealer. It is also wise to make sure there is a short-term warranty attached with the commercial range.

5. Additional Features

There may be additional features that come with your range that you should also consider. For example, depending on your kitchen layout of your restaurant, decide if you want solid legs or castors. Do you need solid oven doors, or glass doors to observe the cooking process? Do you have room for side openings or drop-down opening doors? Answering these questions will help you make a better choice for your commercial range.

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