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Essential Kitchen Equipment You May Need in Your New Restaurant: Insights from a Kitchen Equipment Supplier in Palatine, Illinois

December 24th, 2023

Kitchen equipment supplier in Palatine IllinoisStarting a new restaurant in Palatine can be very exciting, but it also comes with its unique challenges. Setting up your kitchen is one of the first big challenges you will encounter.

Not exactly sure which pieces of equipment your commercial kitchen might need? To help you get a better understanding, this kitchen equipment supplier in Palatine, Illinois is going to highlight some of the most essential types of restaurant equipment below.

Ovens and Ranges

The cooking equipment (ovens and ranges) is one of the most important aspects of any commercial kitchen. These are essential for just about everything — baking, roasting, sautéing, you name it. With that said, most kitchen equipment suppliers in Palatine, Illinois will recommend going with a combination of convection ovens and ranges when setting up your kitchen.

Convection ovens are great for perfectly even baking and roasting. They circulate hot air around the food, so you get evenly cooked dishes with that just-right browning every time. On the other hand, ranges — with their multiple burners — can simmer, boil, or fry different dishes at the same time.

You’ll want to choose the size and type of oven or range based on your restaurant’s menu. If you have a big menu, you’ll probably want to go for a big range.

You’ll also want to decide between gas and electric models. Gas ranges are good for quick heat changes, while electric ranges provide even heating and are much easier to clean.

Food Processors, Mixers, and Slicers

Food processors, mixers, and slicers are essential in any kitchen to save time and increase efficiency.

A good food processor can chop, dice and puree ingredients in mere seconds. This is a must-have for kitchens that need to prepare large batches of ingredients quickly.

On the other hand, mixers are used for making dough, batters, and sauces consistently. They can do heavy-duty mixing and save lots of time.

Don’t forget about slicers. They are not just for the deli meats, but also cheeses, veggies, and bread. Consistency is important for cooking and presentation, and these slicers deliver just that.

Ice Makers, Freezers, and Refrigerators

Ice makers, freezers, and refrigerators help keep food fresh and drinks cold. This makes refrigeration an indispensable part of both your kitchen and bar area.

When purchasing these cold storage appliances, it’s important to think about how much space you have and what you need to store. You may want to choose energy-efficient models to save on bills in the long run. And, for the sake of cleanliness, you may want to look for units with adjustable shelves and easy-to-clean surfaces. Regardless of your preferences, your kitchen equipment supplier in Palatine, Illinois can help you find the right option.

Grills and Food Prep Counters

A good grill can be a great addition to your kitchen, especially if your menu is big on grilled food. It gives that smoky, chargrilled flavor to meat and vegetables.

When choosing your grill, you should consider the type (charcoal, gas, or electric) and size based on your menu needs. Food prep counters and cutting boards are just as important. They should provide ample space for efficient food preparation and be sturdy and easy to clean. Stainless steel and NSF-certified boards are your best bets for keeping things safe.

Storage Racks, Shelving, and Containers

An organized kitchen is an efficient kitchen. That’s where storage racks, shelving, and containers can help. They keep your ingredients and tools neatly arranged and within easy reach.

It’s best to choose high-quality, airtight containers that are clearly labeled. Variety is important here — you should look for different sizes and shapes to comfortably fit all your kitchen essentials.

Looking for a Kitchen Equipment Supplier in Palatine, Illinois?

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