Six Pieces of Kitchen Equipment Necessary for Restaurants in Chicago

October 24th, 2019

used-restaurant-kitchen-equipment-chicagoIf you’re opening a restaurant, one of the key strategies of managing your startup funds will be to purchase used restaurant equipment. This will help to get the kitchen up and running quickly. But more importantly, buying from a reputable seller will also ensure that the equipment you have purchased is of the right quality, is well-maintained, and will serve you well in the long run.

Here is a list of six key pieces of used kitchen equipment that are necessary for just about all restaurants in Chicago:

1. Ranges

A kitchen range can either be gas or electric. Gas ranges offer a responsive, visual experience, and it is easier to judge the heat level as compared to its electric counterpart. Electric ranges use a coil underneath, and the food is cooked on a smooth surface. Ranges will also need a custom-built hood to remove moisture, grease, and heat through filters that lead out of the kitchen.

2. Ovens

Often ranges come fitted with an oven. However, you can choose different types of ovens that can integrate with your range based on your restaurant’s needs. For example, a combination oven combines a convection oven and a steamer, and it can cook batches of vegetables much more quickly than boiling. A conveyer oven is ideal for sandwiches, and a pizza oven is a must for cooking pizzas and large pans of baked dishes at high temperatures.

3. Refrigerators

Refrigerators are important for commercial kitchens. They not only help to keep the ingredients fresh for cooking, but they also help in storing inventory. Refrigerators for restaurants are designed and manufactured to be industrial grade to meet the demanding needs of the restaurant. Options vary from smaller reach-in units, to much larger walk-in units. There are even outdoor refrigeration options available in case there are limitations in the interior space.

4. Food Processors

Food processors are primarily of 4 different types, each used for a different purpose:

  • Batch bowl processors collect food as it is processed, and they generally find their usage in home kitchens.
  • Continuous feed processors allow the addition of food while the machine is running, and they dispense food in a separate container. They can process large quantities of food, making them ideal for restaurant kitchens.
  • Buffalo choppers can chop everything from tough vegetables to small vegetables, and therefore, they are multifunctional and robust for fast-moving kitchens.
  • Finally, combination processors have the benefits of both continuous and batch bowl processors and can be fitted with attachments that make them suitable for commercial kitchens.

5. Mixers

If you offer house-baked breads and desserts, a commercial mixer is an important purchase.  Spiral mixers are preferred for dense doughs like pizza or bagels. For all other types of mixing, such as cake batter and mashed potatoes, planetary mixers are a good choice.

6. Slicers

Slicers are used to cut items such as cheese and meat quickly and with greater accuracy. For restaurants or delis offering sandwiches, investing in an electric slicer would be a good idea. If you have infrequent or low-volume slicing needs, a manual slicer might be a better and more affordable option.

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