How to Buy Frying Pans for your Commercial Kitchen: Insights from a Buffalo Grove Used Restaurant Equipment Company

April 9th, 2021

Chef using a frying pan in a restaurant kitchen in Buffalo Grove, IllinoisWhile setting up a new restaurant, there are a number of things that need to be purchased for your kitchen. A frying pan is one piece of equipment that is particularly important to a chef. Frying pans can be used for several tasks, which include frying, reheating, sautéing, and many others.

When beginning your search for the right frying pans, many restaurant owners become overwhelmed by the number of choices available. In this post, we’re going to talk about the different considerations you should make before purchasing frying pans for your restaurant in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

Choice of Materials

Frying pans can be made from several different materials. Here are some of the most common, along with their properties:


Aluminum is one of the most common materials in any restaurant kitchen, and it’s great for cookware. It is durable, tough, and it does a good job of transferring heat. Aluminum pans can be coated to create a non-stick seamless surface, or they can be left with their natural finish.

Stainless Steel

Frying pans that are made from stainless steel are very good conductors of heat. And, because they are resistant to rust and corrosion, they are dishwasher safe.


Copper pans have an appealing look, but they can be susceptible to rust, damage, and quick destruction.

Type of Finish

The lining inside the cooking surface is referred to as the ‘finish’ of the pan. This lining can completely change the composition and use of the pan. Some of the most popular types of finishes include the following:

Non-Stick Finish

Non-stick pans are the most commonly used pans. They allow healthy and pure foods to be cooked without the need to use a lot of butter or oil. However, these pans are not very well-suited for high-temperature cooking, as the coating can chip and get mixed with the food.

Double and Triple Coated Pans

To extend the lifespan of pans, they are sometimes coated two or three times with a non-stick finish.

Natural Finish

Natural finish pans are in their most basic and purest form, which gives the chef greater freedom in choosing a cooking method.

Styles of Pan

The most common styles of pans include the following:

Sauté Pans

Sauté pans have a wide bottom to allow for maximum heat conduction. These pans combine the capabilities of a frying pan with the cooking conduction of a pot, and they are commonly used for braising, frying, cooking, poaching, and more.

Fry Pans

Fry pans have curved slides to allow foods to be easily stirred while cooking. They are often used for sautéing, searing, scrambling, and much more.


Woks have a dome-like shape with equally curved sides. A wok allows food to be easily moved or tossed around inside the pan without spillage, and it’s commonly used for Asian-style cooking.

Cover and Rings

Cover and rings are accessories that allow you to use different cooking styles with fry pans. A ring will help the round bottom of the wok remain stable. Covers are placed over the top of the pan to keep the heat inside the cooking chamber.

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