Is It Time to Replace Your Ice Maker? Insights from a Foodservice Equipment Supplier in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

April 9th, 2022

Foodservice equipment supplier in Hoffman Estates IllinoisIce makers are a must-have in most commercial kitchens. A good ice maker can mean the difference between cloudy ice cubes and refreshing summer drinks. Unfortunately, every piece of restaurant equipment has a limited service life. On average, most quality ice makers will last around four to five years — and possibly even longer if it’s properly maintained. So, how can you tell when it’s time to replace your ice maker?

When your ice maker stops working, there are two primary causes: either your ice maker has been overworked, or the filter has been clogged with debris. Are you wondering how you should proceed? To give you a better idea, this foodservice equipment supplier in Hoffman Estates, Illinois is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know below.

The filter

You want to provide your customers with the purest ice possible. The first step toward pure ice is the use of a high-quality filter. Ice/refrigerator filtration systems are water filters installed in your ice maker and filter the water before it is frozen. Your ice maker may need one to three filters, depending on the size of the machine.

Most foodservice equipment suppliers in Hoffman Estates, Illinois recommended replacing these filters every six months to avoid wear and tear on the ice maker and ensure that your unit operates as intended. In the absence of regular filter replacements, you may encounter more unpleasant problems than a broken ice maker. Is the taste or odor of the ice questionable? Is it hazy or discolored? Knowing the signs that your filter needs some maintenance can help you identify any issues and take preventative measures in the future.

The ice maker

We already mentioned that the expected service life of a commercial ice maker is anywhere from four to five years. However, your ice maker works hard all day and all night. There are several reasons why your ice maker may not be as efficient as it once was:

  • Heat: Ice is at its most vulnerable when it is exposed to high temperatures. Your ice production will decrease if your kitchen is continuously hot. When the ambient temperature rises, so does the temperature of your water, causing your ice maker to work even harder to keep up with ice production.
  • Dirty condensers: One of the most common reasons for service calls is to have a dirty condenser coil cleaned. If your condenser coil is dirty, slimy, or grimy, it will keep warm air from escaping from your ice maker.
  • Scale: The accumulation of mineral deposits (or scale) is a major cause of ice maker failure. Make sure to clean the maker regularly and replace the filter every six months.

These problems can wear down your ice maker, shortening its expected lifespan. A good rule of thumb is that if you have noticed an increase in service calls, it is probably time to replace your ice maker. If you need help deciding whether it’s time for a replacement, your local foodservice equipment supplier in Hoffman Estates, Illinois can help.

What next?

If it is time to replace your ice maker, save some money by contacting a foodservice equipment supplier in Hoffman Estates, Illinois and buying quality pre-owned and refurbished ice makers for your restaurant.

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