Four Types of Steam Cookers to Consider for Your Commercial Kitchen; Insights from a Deerfield Used Restaurant Equipment Company

August 24th, 2020

Steam pressure cooker in a restaurant kitchen in Deerfield, IllinoisSteam is a great way to cook healthy food, and for that purpose, just about every commercial kitchen now require a steam cooker as a piece of equipment to cater to the different nutritional needs of their diverse customer base.

Because steamers can cook tasty as well as nutritious food, they have grown in popularity over the years.  Moreover, with different cooking techniques and technological advances, there are a variety of steam cookers that you can choose from for your restaurant in Deerfield, including convection steamers, pressure steamers, and pressureless steamers.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the different types of steam cookers available for commercial kitchens, along with their advantages.

Convection Steamers

Convection steamers have a boiler placed in the cabinet-base that’s separated from the steam compartments. In convection ovens, the steam compartments are pressureless and vented. Convection steamers are mostly used to cook foods such as fresh seafood and vegetables, and other foods such as eggs, rice, and pasta.

Commercial convection countertop steamers combine two methods of cooking food — steam cooking and convection heating — into one appliance. The steamer works more efficiently with the help of a fan that circulates air for quicker and more even cooking.  Convection steamers are available in both electric and gas models, and both are equally effective in maximizing energy savings.

A commercial convection countertop is especially useful for restaurants that serve Asian cuisine or seafood, or facilities that have a high volume of customers. Convection steamers facilitate rapid cooking of large quantities of food with no chance of burning.

Pressure Steamers

Pressure steamers can be fairly large, measuring up to 36” wide, and they are capable of sustaining higher temperatures than pressureless steamers. Similar to other commercial countertop steamers, pressure steamers use steam to cook food within the chamber. They seal the cooking chamber then increase the pressure inside, thereby increasing the cooking temperature. This does not allow any steam to lose heat or condense, and the higher temperature allows the food to cook faster.

Combi Ovens

Using a commercial combi oven is one of the latest and most popular trend in the food industry. It combines the properties of convection heat and steam to cook food quickly, while retaining essential flavor and juices. As an added plus, a combi oven takes up about half as much space as it would take to purchase separate ovens.

Microwave Steamers

Your first instinct may be to question how a microwave can be used as a steamer. However, many manufacturers have microwave models that are designed specifically for steaming. Microwave steamers have large internal cavities and high-wattage magnetrons that can accommodate many food pans or other items that need to be placed inside the steamer. Microware steamers are a cost-effective way to add steamed items to your menu since they don’t need a water supply or a floor drain, and they don’t need to be placed under a hood.

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