Different Types of Commercial Cookware for Your Restaurant; Insights from a Used Restaurant Equipment Company Serving Evergreen Park, Illinois

October 24th, 2020

Frying pan in a restaurant kitchen in Evergreen Park, IllinoisEvery restaurant requires the proper commercial cookware for their kitchen. Whether you’re stir-frying noodles, pan-searing chicken, or making a stew, choosing the correct cookware makes all the difference in the quality of food that is served. The good thing is that there are currently a number of cookware choices available today to restaurant chefs.

In this post, we’re going to discuss some of the different types of cookware that you can purchase, either new or used, for your commercial kitchen in Evergreen Park, Illinois:

Fry Pan or Sauté Pan

In an ideal world, you should have both a sauté pan as well as a fry pan in your commercial kitchen. However, if you’re forced to choose just one due to either space or budget constraints, then you should opt for a fry pan. A fry pan has sides that flare outside. which prevents liquid from splashing out as the pan is moved around, and it also helps to toss food as it is cooked.

Stock Pot

A stock pot is an essential piece of cookware for just about every commercial kitchen due to the versatility that it offers. Stock pots have deep straight sides, a round base, and a lid. Not only is it useful for making stocks, but it can come in very handy for stirring up sauces, soups, and boiling pasta.

Commercial pots are available in a wide range of sizes, with varying diameters and lengths. When making your choice, it’s important that you select a pot that’s not too small for your restaurant’s demands, and also one that is durable. Regardless of the type of pot you buy, you’ll want to make sure that you purchase one with a thick, heavy bottom to prevent burning.


A saucepan has straight sides, is tall, and has a round bottom. For a saucepan, the diameter at the base is smaller than the diameter at the top. They are 2/3 as tall as wide, and they have a long handle. In general, having multiple saucepans is essential for every commercial kitchen, as they can be used to make soups and sauces, with or without the lid, as per the requirement of the food preparation.

Roasting Pan

Roasting pans are used for roasting poultry or meat in an oven. Commercial roasting pans are available in both shallow or deep variations, based on the needs of the kitchen. Roasting pans are commonly made from stainless steel, copper, or aluminum, and each metal offers its own benefits. Before you purchase a roasting pan, you’ll want to make sure that it’s strong and sturdy enough for everyday use.

Double Boilers

As the name suggests, double boilers have two stock pots so that one can fit inside the other. A double boiler consists of a straight-sided boiler pot, and another inset pan that fits snugly into the top of the bottom pan. The outer pot is filled with water, and the contents of the inner pot are cooked by the steam generated by the outer pot. Double boilers are essential for melting chocolate, and for making delicate sauces that require a lot of attention.

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