Pre-Owned Winston CVap CAC509GR


Cook And Hold Half Size Oven


ITEM: Winston CVap CAC509GR

  • Exclusive Technology
    Patented Controlled Vapor Technology (U.S. patent #5,494,690) establishes that the water vapor content in the oven is the same as that of the food. This unique process cooks food fast, produces high yield and precise control of internal food temperatures.
  • Easy-to-Use Controls
    Microprocessor allows simple push-button operation with just three inputs; Doneness Temperature (90 to 200° F (32 to 93° C)), Browning Level (from 0 for high yield, to 10 for optimum browning), and Cook Time. Never needs calibration.
  • Durable
    Built to last with quality craftsmanship, high grade stainless steel construction, and full insulation on top, sides, and doors. Features perimeter door gaskets, magnetic door
    latches, lift-off doors, removable side racks, and digital readout.
  • Better Control of Food Quality
    When the cook cycle is complete, oven will automatically switch to hold mode. Hold your menu items at just-cooked quality and precise serving temperatures for extended times.
  • Industry Compliant
    CVap equipment complies with domestic and international requirements such as UL, C-UL, UL Sanitation, CE, MEA, and others.

ELECTRICAL OR GAS SPEC: 208V/ 60 hz/1 phase 
27.5″ W x 33″ D x 43″ H
PRICE: $2,795
SPEC SHEET: Attached with photos

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