chef-kitchen-equipment-st-charlesOpening a restaurant can require an enormous amount of upfront capital. You not only need to purchase essential kitchen equipment, but you also need capital to run the business. While restaurant equipment can be leased, buying used restaurant equipment can definitely be a smarter financial move to obtain tax deductions and achieve long-term savings. Below is a list of all the places where you can look to purchase used restaurant equipment in St Charles:

restaurant-kitchen-equipment-auroraPurchasing used restaurant equipment is a great way to cut down on the initial upfront costs of starting your restaurant. The challenge, however, is to know exactly what you are looking for. If you're unsure or don't know what to look for, you may just end up with an expensive purchase that doesn't serve your needs. Here are five tips that you should take into consideration before purchasing used restaurant equipment in Aurora:

used-restaurant-appliances-chicagoIf you are opening a new restaurant, you’ll likely have to make a lot of purchases, both outside and inside the kitchen. Some examples of outside-the-kitchen expenses include tables, chairs and other accessories that will set the ambiance of the restaurant. Inside-the-kitchen expenses primarily include all of the kitchen's equipment, which will be used to prepare the food. One piece of equipment that a good kitchen can't do without is the oven. In some cases, the oven needs to be purchased by the owner, along with input from the chef, so that it fulfills the requirements of the kitchen. Factors to consider include the type of oven, space restrictions, and the delivery capacity of the restaurant. Based on the cuisine style and baking requirements of the restaurant, you’ll want to select the oven that best meets your needs. Listed below are different types of ovens that you can choose from for your Chicago restaurant:

used-restaurant-equipment-skokieIf you are starting a restaurant in Skokie, buying used equipment is a great way to minimize your upfront business expenses. However, you should still be mindful with what you buy, or you might end up with a piece that you regret purchasing down the line. Regardless of what kind of used restaurant equipment you are shopping for, here are a few things to keep in mind before making your purchase:

used-restaurant-equipment-kitchenStarting a new restaurant can be a challenging and expensive endeavor. Once you have your restaurant location selected in Chicago, and have completed the paperwork and other business formalities, the next and most important thing is to get the kitchen up and running. In order to achieve this feat, you need to gather all the necessary kitchen equipment. To save costs upfront, a good idea would be to look for used restaurant equipment. Here are some of the places from where you can buy used restaurant equipment in Chicago:

commercial-dishwasher-restaurant-orland-parkA good commercial dishwasher should help you in achieving at least the following four things in order to be considered a high-quality piece of used restaurant equipment.
  • It should be easy to use and not require extensive training by staff to operate
  • It should meet all hygiene requirements
  • It should work promptly so that the kitchen does not have to wait for it to finish
  • It should leave all the dishes clean, and to the satisfaction of each customer
Listed below are the common types of used commercial dishwashers that you’ll find in the Orland Park, Illinois market:

used-stainless-steel-restaurant-equipmentDid you know that major restaurant appliances such as gas ranges, freezers, dishwashers, and refrigerators don't actually require much maintenance or repair work? However, they are generally one of the more costly purchases restaurant owners have to make if they are buying these appliances in brand-new condition. Most large appliances are expensive starting out, but they last for a very long time. For example, a full-size refrigerator can last you for about 15-20 years with little to no maintenance, and the same goes for a stand-alone freezer. So, even if these items are purchased a few months or a few years old, they typically have a lot of life left in them. Restaurant owners can take advantage of this by buying these appliances for a fraction of the brand-new purchase price.

used-restaurant-kitchen-equipmentAre you opening a new restaurant in Lake  Forest, Illinois? Let's face it, opening a new restaurant can be expensive, and it may take you a while to break even or generate a profit. One of the best ways you can control costs is to buy used restaurant equipment instead of spending a large part of your budget on buying new equipment. In this post, we are going to discuss five reasons why you should buy used restaurant equipment instead of new:

commercial-restaurant-kitchenAll restaurant owners should know that it is virtually impossible to run a restaurant without an efficient freezer. A commercial freezer is an important piece of equipment that is needed whether you want to store frozen goods, various meats, ice cream and desserts, cheese, dairy items, and many other essentials that you’ll use daily. There are many different types of used restaurant and commercial freezers available, and each has its own particular features and functions. If you're in the market to buy a new or used commercial freezer in Peoria, there are some considerations to keep in mind to make sure you get the best value for your dollar and the best equipment to serve your needs:

commercial-restaurant-kitchen-dishwasherAs a restaurant owner, the last thing you want to serve food on is a dirty dish. When starting a restaurant, you may not think of the dishwasher as an essential part of your kitchen, and you may not give it as much importance as your refrigerator or your cooking range. However, skimping on investing in a good commercial dishwasher can cause you a lot of headache in the long-run. When buying a used commercial dishwasher, you should basically look for one that will make things less complicated in the kitchen. So, an ideal commercial dishwasher should be easy to use, work fast, meet all hygiene and sanitary requirements, and leave your dishes as clean as possible.