diner-restaurant-kithen-equipmentA major factor associated with running a restaurant business profitably in Naperville is the cost of the equipment. And, even though you might have drawn a loan, money can be quickly pushed into other areas of need such as maintenance, salaries, rent, and other bills that support the business. So, in order to run the restaurant economically, it is wise to save on equipment costs by purchasing used restaurant equipment. The clear advantage of buying used restaurant equipment is that it is a huge cost saver, as it reduces startup costs to a great extent.

restaurant-pizza-ovenLooking to choose the right pizza oven for your pizzeria in Schaumburg, Illinois? If so, you have lots of options to consider. Whether you own a local, family-owned business, or a large commercial operation, some things to consider include volume, fuel source, pizza type, and food service space available in your establishment. In spite of the fact that a brick oven is recommended for cooking an authentic, crispy Italian pizza, there are a few other pizza ovens that can provide a good alternative for commercial use in Schaumburg.

used-restaurant-refrigerationRegardless of whether you’re opening a cafe, a steakhouse, an ice cream shop, a pizza place, or a bar, you’ll need some form of refrigeration. After all, you’ll need to keep certain foods and beverages cold. Fortunately, if you’re buying equipment on a small budget, you have the option of buying refrigeration used in Naperville, Illinois. Doing so will help you save substantial amounts of money during the buying process. Wondering what type of used refrigeration is available? Read on!

concession-stand-popcornRegardless of the type of restaurant you’re looking to open, it likely requires concession equipment of some kind. Fortunately, you can buy a number of pieces of concession equipment used, allowing you to save money during the equipment purchasing process. Are you interested? Curious as to what kind of concession food equipment is available? Don’t stop reading now. Here is a list of typical concession equipment you can buy used in Schaumburg, Illinois.

used-stove-restaurant-kitchenAre you in the process of opening a new restaurant? Looking for cooking equipment for your restaurant’s kitchen? If so, and if you’re doing it on a limited budget, buying used equipment is a great way to save money. However, maybe you’re skeptical of used restaurant equipment? Perhaps you question the quality of used restaurant equipment compared to new equipment? While your concerns are understandable, the truth of the matter is that used restaurant equipment can perform just as well as new equipment. Our used restaurant equipment at March Quality is put through an extensive refurbishing process, ensuring that it’s fully operational. To explain how we do this, we will discuss the process below.

deep-fryer-restaurant-kitchenThere’s nothing cheap about opening up a new restaurant. In almost all cases, your restaurant startup expenses will be substantial. However, there are ways to manage these expenses. One of the best ways to cut down on startup expenses is by buying used restaurant equipment in Orland Park, Illinois. Used restaurant equipment is substantially less costly than new equipment, yet offers comparable value in terms of overall functionality. Are you interested in buying used restaurant equipment? Wondering what’s available? Read on!

electric-food-mixerIf you’re opening a restaurant in Evergreen Park on a tight budget, it’s highly recommended that you purchase used restaurant equipment. Used restaurant equipment is substantially more affordable than new equipment, yet offers very comparable quality overall. On the lookout for restaurant food preparation equipment in Evergreen Park, Illinois? Curious as to what types of food preparation equipment can be bought used? Here are 4 types of equipment you may want to think about buying.

carnival-concession-standIf you own a bar, a concession stand, an ice cream shop, a diner, or any other type of restaurant, you might very well have a need for food concession equipment. This equipment can be used to make everything from coffee, to ice cream, and much more. Fortunately, food concession equipment can be bought used or pre-owned, allowing you to get your hands on it for downright reasonable prices. Looking for used food concession equipment in Oak Lawn, Illinois? Curious as to what types of used food concession equipment are available? Here are 6 types you might consider buying.

kitchen-restaurant-countertopAre you thinking about opening a restaurant in Oak Lawn, Illinois? If so, you have a great number of responsibilities to which you must tend. One of the biggest responsibilities of starting a new restaurant is acquiring cooking equipment. If you’re trying to start a restaurant on a bit of a budget, it might be a good idea to invest in used cooking equipment as opposed to new equipment. Used equipment is typically much more affordable than is new equipment, and it’s often just as reliable. The question is: what types of used cooking equipment should you consider buying? Here are 5 types which we recommend.

restaurant-kitchen-refrigeratorOne of the many items that a restaurant cannot do without is refrigeration. Refrigerators and freezers are needed to cool everything from beverages, to meats, to desserts, and much more. They are an absolute necessity. Perhaps you’re opening a restaurant and are on the search for refrigeration at a reasonable price? If so, it’s highly recommended that you buy a used refrigerator. Wondering what types of used refrigerators are available? Here are 6 types of used refrigerators in Evergreen Park, Illinois.