Three Restaurant Equipment Pieces You Should Consider Buying Used in Deerfield

June 24th, 2019

used-stainless-steel-restaurant-equipmentDid you know that major restaurant appliances such as gas ranges, freezers, dishwashers, and refrigerators don’t actually require much maintenance or repair work? However, they are generally one of the more costly purchases restaurant owners have to make if they are buying these appliances in brand-new condition.

Most large appliances are expensive starting out, but they last for a very long time. For example, a full-size refrigerator can last you for about 15-20 years with little to no maintenance, and the same goes for a stand-alone freezer. So, even if these items are purchased a few months or a few years old, they typically have a lot of life left in them. Restaurant owners can take advantage of this by buying these appliances for a fraction of the brand-new purchase price.

In this post, we’ll take a look at three restaurant appliances that you should consider buying used in Deerfield:

1. Refrigerator/Freezer

No restaurant can do without a trusted refrigerator/freezer, and depending on your needs, you might need more than one type.

For example, if you are selling ice cream and need to view the contents of the freezer easily, you may need a horizontal freezer. Or, if you lack space, you might opt for an under-counter refrigerator that can be installed under a countertop. Most restaurants also need a large storage refrigerator for keeping food fresh, and this can be achieved with a reach-in refrigerator.

As you can see, if you require more than one option, your costs of refrigerating your food can really add up. Since many restaurants do not survive past their first year, you can take advantage by purchasing gently-used refrigerators so that you can apply more of your budget toward other costs.

2. Dishwasher

Not investing in a good commercial dishwasher can cost you in the long run. The last thing you want to do is purchase a brand-new generic dishwasher that can’t keep up with the demands of your busy kitchen. Instead, you could get a used dishwasher from a well-respected brand for the same price or even less.

Buying used does not mean compromising on quality, and a lot of times, you can get name-branded appliances such as dishwashers at an excellent value. When buying a commercial dishwasher, you’ll want to consider the capacity you need and the type of dishwasher you want. In most cases, you will need to choose between a high-temperature or low-temperature dishwasher, and your used commercial restaurant equipment dealer will guide you in making a decision that works best for your needs.

3. Commercial Range

A versatile commercial range is another piece of equipment that most kitchens can’t do without. Whether you need to boil, braise, fry, or grill, a commercial range will enable you to do all that and more.

Again, you have a lot of different options when it comes to ranges, and the decision is often dictated by the kind of food you are going to serve. One advantage of buying used is that, for the same price, you may be able to find a higher-quality range that offers superior durability and higher output burners than a brand-new restaurant range. So, although you’re buying used, you’re getting much better value for your dollar.

There are also many other pieces of equipment such as mixers, grinders, sinks, ovens, and more that you can get great deals on if you buy them used. The key is to buy from a trusted local supplier who can guide you to make the right choices.

Looking to Buy Used Restaurant Equipment in Deerfield?

If you’re looking for any restaurant equipment such as ranges, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, mixers, slicers, countertops, sinks, etc., and if you need it in Deerfield, then March Quality is the company to call.

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