Different Types of Food Warming Equipment for Your Commercial Kitchen; Insights from a Used Restaurant Equipment Company in Chicago

September 24th, 2020

Food warming equipment at a buffet restaurant in Chicago, IllinoisNo one wants to eat food that tastes like it’s been sitting around for a long time. The same holds true for the people who visit your restaurant.

After the food is prepared, as a restaurant owner, it’s important to ensure that it is kept at its ideal temperature so that there is no loss of flavor or quality.

Proper food warming equipment, also known as hot holding equipment, helps to ensure that prepared food maintains the same texture, flavor and presentation whenever it is served to your customers.

There are a wide range of food warmers that are available for your commercial kitchen in Chicago. In this post, we’re going to discuss some of the different types of warmers available that can serve your restaurant’s needs.

Display Warmers

A countertop display warmer is placed in a highly visible location so that it instantly catches the eye of your customer. Countertop display warmers perform the dual function of keeping prepared food fresh and hot, and making sure that it is ready to serve to customers.

Food Wells and Steam Tables

Food wells and steam tables are best suited to keep food either hot or cold, and to preserve taste and quality. They are most commonly used for premade soups, sides, and other food items to make sure that the food is kept at an optimal temperature until it is ready to serve.

Food Warmers

Food warmers are a must if your restaurant offers a self-service buffet option. If you have limited space, warmers can turn an existing countertop or worktable into a serving station.

Heat Lamps

Heat lamps, heat strips, or countertop heat lamps are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes to accommodate your restaurant’s needs. Placing warming lamps above the carving station or prepared food station will keep the cooked items hot and savory for a much longer time.

Proofing and Holding Cabinets

Proofing cabinets are a must for pizzerias, bakeries, and catering operations. They are also very useful for restaurants that routinely expect a huge rush of customers at certain times of the day, and for caterers serving a large customer base. Holding and proofing cabinets keep your cooked food at an ideal temperature. You can choose from cook and hold ovens, meal delivery systems, and heated banquet carts.

Strip Warmers

Strip warmers keep meals and prepared food items heated and ready at the right temperature. Since this heat is generated by infrared elements, the food is kept warm at a consistent temperature without tasting overcooked.

Drawer Warmers

Drawer warmers are great for holding and warming food, but they are not so great for display purposes. They are generally smaller in size, and they work well in the form of drawers or cabinets since they do not take up a lot of space. Drawer warmers can be used for holding warm meals until ready to serve, for banquet serving, and for keeping bread warm.

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