How to Choose a Used Commercial Dishwasher in Orland Park, Illinois: Tips from a Used Restaurant Equipment Dealer in the Orland Park Area

July 8th, 2019

commercial-dishwasher-restaurant-orland-parkA good commercial dishwasher should help you in achieving at least the following four things in order to be considered a high-quality piece of used restaurant equipment.

  • It should be easy to use and not require extensive training by staff to operate
  • It should meet all hygiene requirements
  • It should work promptly so that the kitchen does not have to wait for it to finish
  • It should leave all the dishes clean, and to the satisfaction of each customer

Listed below are the common types of used commercial dishwashers that you’ll find in the Orland Park, Illinois market:

Under-counter Dishwasher

Under-counter dishwashers are the best choice for bars, smaller restaurants, and coffee shops, since they do not need to have a large space requirement like other dishwashers. The under-counter models are a step above residential dishwashers, as they can hold more dishes and work faster than residential dishwashers. The primary benefit of an under-counter commercial dishwasher is that it is moderately priced. Apart from that, they provide counter space on top, do not take up much space, and are easy to install.

Door Type Dishwasher

These dishwashers have a huge front door that can be left open until the operator fills the rack completely with dirty dishes. The operator can then slide the rack into the dishwasher, close it, wait for the machine to operate, and retrieve the clean dishes a few minutes later. A door type dishwasher is efficient and fast, and it’s ideally made to serve commercial kitchens. Compared to the under-counter models, they have high volumes and take up more space. The door type dishwasher also consumes more energy and water than other commercial dishwashers. Door type is a great choice for any commercial kitchen that needs the extra capacity and speed to get dishes cleaned on time. The primary benefit of this dishwasher is that it has a high capacity, it is easy to use, and it cleans quickly.

Conveyor Type Dishwasher

This type of dishwasher takes up the most space and is, therefore, a costly commercial dishwasher as well. Conveyor type dishwashers have the highest capacity as compared to any other dishwasher listed here. They are generally used in restaurants that handle large traffic each day and are often found in university cafeterias, hospitals, and schools. The primary benefit of this dishwasher is that it cleans a greater number of dishes in a shorter period time.


Glasses are more delicate than any other kitchen dish or utensil. As such, commercial kitchens that have a lot of glass can benefit from glasswashers. This dishwasher combines gentle water flow and the power of a commercial dishwasher to keep the most sensitive types of glassware, like martini and wine glasses, from breaking. They are specially used for sensitive glasses, but they can be used for any other dishes as well.  Their primary benefit is that they can wash thin and special glasses without causing damage.

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